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On Stack Overflow, the question would be deleted, together with the reputation changes. On the target site, you'll gain reputation as votes are migrated along (the votes are re-cast by the Community User *). In essence, you get the same reputation (barring reputation caps). The accepted answer remains accepted. There is a an exception for questions with a ...


The real problem with migrations is migrating questions that the destination site doesn't want. There are two main reasons another site might not want a question: The question is of low quality. The question doesn't belong there. Something interesting to note about both of those: that's what the new Triage queue is supposed to help filter out. Most of ...


OK, first do a sanity-check: plenty of Unix questions are on-topic for SO. Please don't be one of those people who knee-jerks on everything that mentions the topic of another site; if it's about programming or programming tools then leave it be... Ok, so far so good? Completely off-topic? Choose "unsalvageable" then close it as off-topic. Maybe leave a ...


You cannot migrate questions that are older than 60 days. That post is way too old to be migrated to any other site. If it is off-topic here on Stack Overflow, then just vote to close.


If no one has answered the question yet, there's nothing wrong with deleting it on the not-quite-right site and re-posting it on the more suitable site.1, 4 If there are (upvoted) answers, then generally the Asker will need to vote to migrate the question (if the target is one of the default migration choices) and get four other people to agree2. George ...


Don't choose "looks ok" unless it really looks good exactly as it is. I would click "unsalvageable" then move it in the flag dialog that shows up.


I was stumped with this issue a few days ago. I ended up leaving a comment encouraging the OP to either edit the question to be suitable for S.O. or flag for a moderator migration (neither happened, but that's not relevant to this issue). Now, in that case I was suggesting a migration to Graphic Design. I might not spend as much time on Graphic Design ...

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