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On Stack Overflow, the question would be deleted, together with the reputation changes. On the target site, you'll gain reputation as votes are migrated along (the votes are re-cast by the Community User *). In essence, you get the same reputation (barring reputation caps). The accepted answer remains accepted. There is a an exception for questions with a ...


I personally hate that the current behavior for migration is to flag the post for moderators. A lot of us don't really participate on other sites past Stack Overflow, and wouldn't know the rules of what's on-topic there any more than a regular user. Yet, for some reason, we're asked to make final decisions on tons of migration flags. To be quite honest, I ...


I declined those flags. I decline most flags for migration to Code Review. In nearly every case, the questions flagged are either not very good, or not off-topic on Stack Overflow! In this case, I found that: The questions were not very well specified (optimized for what? Speed? Memory use? Both? Are there architectural constraints? Is there actually a ...


There is a process that automatically deletes migration stubs after 30 days. Since we auto-redirect on deletion to the target site, the migration stubs are of no lasting value on the source site.


You don't have to do anything. The migration "stub" will be removed automatically after 30 days, and if there are no other questions using that tag then the tag itself will be deleted within 31 days. If it's really bothering you, then earn the reputation necessary to suggest a synonym. You're almost there...


Typically virtualization questions belong on serverfault, especially concerning Xen as it's so frequently used in server environments. In other words, Xen professionals are more likely to be on and help out at serverfault than on superuser.


Content is not migrated. It remains on the site it is on. The fact that there is a new site with overlapping subject-matter does not make it off-topic on the "old" site either. And even if there would ever be a migration path to the new site, migrations can only happen within 60 days. So no, old content is never moved.


Migrated questions are auto-deleted from the site they've left after 30 days, so they'll certainly drop out of your search results at that time. One supposes that they're not deleted right away in order to give some time to manage incorrect migrations. See also: How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? ...


Does this mean the question cannot but remain "open" for all eternity? Yes, unless the OP of the question creates an account / login to Stack Overflow and accepts an answer. I don't believe the poster can mark any of the answers as "correct" ... he doesn't appear to have an SO account! Its because the question was migrated from Programmers.SE ...

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