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No, there is no way to force the server's cache to reset. Were it available, it would make the site very vulnerable to a DDoS attack.


You can't... This is one of the biggest problems when using Meta in my opinion. The best shot you have is to: Post in a chat room related to the subject; Ping a mod in chat if you both are a regular users in that chat room; Become a moderator :) .


I have just one point to make here, and yes I am posting this as an answer because I believe this is important and can't just be a comment. Downvoting does not necessarily mean something is harmful, at least here at meta, especially when you are requesting for a new feature. Because, it might also mean that folks don't agree with you or your request ...


You can contact us and ask that it be disassociated from your account, we'll happily oblige. The question will be associated to an anonymous 'mystery person' and no longer linked to you. When it comes to deleting stuff, we hate doing the following: Throwing away time other people put into answering your question Throwing away any achievements other people ...


Downvotes on SO mean something like "This is a bad question, and shouldn't be here." Downvotes on meta usually mean "No, we shouldn't do this", "This wouldn't work well", "I disagree with your opinion". Sometimes they mean "This is a bad question." But often a lot of downvotes means you had a question that elicited a response, which is probably a good ...


Your question has the feature-request tag. Downvotes mean "I disagree with this feature suggestion". Many people don't want that feature request, hence the downvotes. Also note that your question has an upvoted answer, so the system won't delete it.


"Why hasn't this been implemented" type questions have about a 0% chance of being answered meaningfully, plus you're not really bringing anything new to the table that would change the discussion. I guess that's the main reason behind the downvotes and the closing. Questions that reference older feature requests but add a new, original aspect to them ...


I'll admit that I occasionally downvote posts that ask for help with specific questions, not always, but occasionally. What makes the difference between a downvote and an upvote on a meta question asking for help on a specific question: Downvote: Hey my post is getting downvoted! I have no idea how this site is supposed to work, didn't bother to read ...


OK, looks like a cache problem. I just restarted Firefox and cleared all cache and now it's working.


I am going to come clean and say that I was a part of this problem. At the time, I was unaware that problems could be reported on any Meta site if they dealt with the Stack Exchange network in general. I'm pretty sure I spearheaded close votes on all of those, as you can see from the comments I left on each. I sincerely apologize for my rash actions without ...


My understanding is that this is a special case. The SE developers expected numerous bug reports immediately after the new profile pages were deployed on most of the child sites. To make tracking and handling the flood of bug reports easier, they requested to have them all posted in a single place on MSE. If this is indeed just an effect of this special ...


It seems like one or two users were under the impression that if the question is about more than SO (as in pertains to all sites), that it should be closed. Some other users probably didn't pay close enough attention while reviewing in the close queue, and before you know it, many questions were incorrectly closed. You are right. All those questions you ...


It depends on the purpose of the disputed-review-audits tag. The description says "For questions related to specific review audits". If that description is correct, there is no way it could be a duplicate UNLESS you are posting twice about the same review audit. If the policy is that you should just look for general information about a similar review audit ...


10k+ users can see that post, there is no exception for self-deletions here. That is indeed not a nice post, but they also deleted it immediately. It could have been a (badly misjudged) attempt at humour. You can flag the question and in the other flag alert the moderators to that answer if you are really concerned here.

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