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As I mentioned in my comment, Documentation is not going to have a separate Meta from Stack Overflow. That's because Documentation is a part of Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow started off as Q&A, but it does not mean just Q&A any more. Stack Overflow means Q&A + Documentation + Jobs — Tim explained this way better than I can on this Meta post a ...


We only display up to two post notices on any given post at a time so we don't flood the page with yellow boxes. The lock notice is super unimportant, especially when the migration rejected notice exists as that already implies it will be locked. So the lock notice gets hidden in favor of the other two notices. The post has now been unlocked.


The moment there is nothing unique to the new question any more - when the new question is perfectly and concludingly answered by a duplicate - it is perfectly ok to close as a duplicate. This has several advantages: it provides the OP with a link to the information they need. This link is more "official" than something posted by random users in comments. ...


Without addressing your specific meta questions that were closed as duplicates, (I haven't looked at them and have no opinion on whether or not they were truly duplicates) but rather the general intent of your feature request: The fact that no one has asked on meta before about a specific SO question does not preclude the possibility that someone has asked ...


I have gone ahead and removed the android tag from the last three remaining question that had it. If no-one decides to rollback my re-tags or asks a new question with that tag, it will be gone at 03:00 UTC and hopefully never be seen again on meta.


Please...don't refer to the Meta Effect as if it were some sort of hose which could be sprayed in some arbitrary direction, or as if it were some militia group which could be called upon in dire situations. It doesn't feel right. Specifically, to answer this question: When is it appropriate to exploit this "meta effect"? It really isn't and I want to ...


I think a number of users are just legitimately curious about things. There are so many additional rules, nuances, and culture behind our site that are hard to learn without using meta. Including a specific link is actually a really good way to learn how to use the site, in addition to adding clarity to your question. By triggering the meta effect, you get ...


The meta effect isn't always negative, or positive. It is simply increased community attention, much like the Hot Network Questions list. Sometimes it makes sense for the community to, as a group, see an example of a scenario and as a result many of the users viewing the example will action it depending on their ability to do so. In the case where the ...


Yes. Reputation you offer as bounty is gone forever. You cannot award it to your own answer, and there is no way for you to request it back. You forfeit the reputation when you put up the bounty.

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