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I'm going to play devil's advocate here... There are plenty of times where users deliberately incite the mob and then come crying to meta about how it isn't fair that the mob responded. To be clear I'm talking about users who go off on a rant about some perceived injustice, when in reality it is more of a: "I don't adhere to the communities guidelines ...


I don't think that we can, no. There is already a "problem" with Stack Overflow voting in that the magnitude of a post's score (in either direction) is largely a function of the number of views it received. [1] Whether this is actually a problem per se has been questioned before [2], but certainly I don't believe that attempting to introduce an artificial ...


In the before time, you could ask on meta having earned no reputation. So new folks posted programming questions here out of confusion or in hope that they would get more attention. Which they did. Not the good kind of attention, but attention all the same. That's become much less common with the introduction of the reputation requirement. Now, you can't ...


Read the unanswered question list http://stackoverflow.com/unanswered/tagged/?tab=noanswers and answer one or two. Also, you can ask your own questions. The rep will start flooding in, don't worry.


Certainly, but only as long as it's Stack Overflow related. The usual Meta rules apply that if a question covers all Stack Exchange sites, it should be asked on the Stack Exchange Meta. A few questions in the winterbash-2014 tag: Scroll over for winter bash not working? Why don't I see the 'Winter Bash'? Do I need to do more to earn Selfie hat? St. Lucia ...


Either one. It will be seen by people who can answer, one way or another.


Yes, it is still a duplicate. The environment here on Meta is different than on main. The most relevant thing is that questions here on Meta don't always attract answers until something has actually been done about it. You see this most frequently with bug reports and feature requests. That does not mean we need to go around creating duplicates of the same ...


Every user should read the FAQ: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/faq

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