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Observations regarding appropriate participation in meta discussions If you have something worth saying about the topic of the discussion, post an answer. If you have something worth saying about the post that raises the discussion (but does not actually contribute to the discussion itself at all), then post a comment on the question. Expect that it may be ...


There is no automated system that would inform you. If users feel that it's relevant, it's common for a comment to be posted on posts that are being discussed on meta. Often such comments are posted either when it would be very productive for the author to join the discussion (when they didn't start it, which is actually very common) or when there's clear ...


Do we actually need to have a [status-yay]? Oh boy, let's not. :) BoltClock is correct - I replaced [status-completed] with it because [status-completed] interfered with the community bulletin and a tag edit was faster than fixing the CB display. There's absolutely no need to keep [status-yay] around.


Even though you cannot make suggested edits on regular posts on Meta, users with < 20k reputation can edit tag wikis through suggested edits. As such, the review queue still needs to exist to review those tag wiki edits. If you have 10k or more, you can see the full review history for the queue; notice that all those suggested edits are for tag wikis and ...


Seems you slept through the mso-mse-split: Operation 'Split, All The Metas!' Shall Commence On April 16, 2014 100 days later, was the split a good idea? Where are the questions that I asked before on meta?


Closing had very little to do with that question's deletion. As a reminder, here are the rules for automatic deletion: If the question is more than 30 days old, and ... has −1 or lower score has no answers is not locked ...or... it was closed and migrated to a different site ... it will be automatically deleted. ...


Shog has already taken care of most things but there's a bit of the question I think needs a specific answer: Should I as a user, though, answer a feature request? I am not a moderator or an Stack Overflow developer, I cannot make feature requests happen, and so I cannot really give an answer to the request, but I may have more than 600 characters of ...


Just comment on the question and reply to the mod that added the tag if you're unsure if it's correct. In this case, as they marked it completed, you can explain why you think its not completed and ask them why they marked it as completed. They can then either correct the tag, or explain to you why the status is appropriate.


referring them to such a signpost The question has 85 views over 6 months. It was very clearly not acting as a signpost. If that post would have been getting a lot of views, and was actively serving as a signpost, then the roomba wouldn't have deleted it.


Is it just coincidence, or is it like a Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow tradition? This may be a coincidence, but it exists on other Meta sites too, here on Meta Unix: What's your input on [/input]? Should we be using the [/users] tag? And how do we account for [/accounts]? And Meta Super User: Let's put [preview] in the rear-view Too many [options] ...


what's to stop me from deleting a post, even if it's valuable to the site? Nothing, as long as it meets the criteria for self-deletion (see e.g. How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? What are the criteria for deletion?) But it may get undeleted by other users if they disagree that it should be ...

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