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10k+ users can see that post, there is no exception for self-deletions here. That is indeed not a nice post, but they also deleted it immediately. It could have been a (badly misjudged) attempt at humour. You can flag the question and in the other flag alert the moderators to that answer if you are really concerned here.


It seems like one or two users were under the impression that if the question is about more than SO (as in pertains to all sites), that it should be closed. Some other users probably didn't pay close enough attention while reviewing in the close queue, and before you know it, many questions were incorrectly closed. You are right. All those questions you ...


I can not comment on general policy, except that I personally would be against indiscriminate closing of questions in this tag. That said, I can share reasoning that led me to cast duplicate votes on some of these questions. As far as I can tell, recently we've got a canonical post on how to review in First Posts and Late Answers queues: How should I get ...


I am going to come clean and say that I was a part of this problem. At the time, I was unaware that problems could be reported on any Meta site if they dealt with the Stack Exchange network in general. I'm pretty sure I spearheaded close votes on all of those, as you can see from the comments I left on each. I sincerely apologize for my rash actions without ...


That means you currently have 1,495 reputation, and you had earned 1,400 reputation since the last time you checked the Reputation tab on your Activity page.


It depends on the purpose of the disputed-review-audits tag. The description says "For questions related to specific review audits". If that description is correct, there is no way it could be a duplicate UNLESS you are posting twice about the same review audit. If the policy is that you should just look for general information about a similar review audit ...

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