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I am not sure how answerable this question really is because everyone participates for their own reasons, but I will offer my own reasons and hope that it covers a fair share of the community. Stack Overflow has given me so much that I want to give back how I can. I don't program professionally (at least it is not my primary job description), but I have ...


I live by simple rules: Give back to things that give to you.


The color was changed because orange is Stack Overflow's primary brand color. Maroon red is not the brand's primary color.


Most people probably answer and comment for the recognition that votes and comments provide. An upvote or a comment is an implicit "thank you, you did something awesome!". If you took that away then posting an answer would be like shouting into a black hole. Nothing comes back. I wouldn't answer. Another aspect is systematizing and organizing. Many ...


Is it appropriate to close such questions as being not reproducible once they're fixed? Usually, no. It just ends up being confusing to folks who report (or are thinking about reporting) problems, not to mention folks who notice that something has changed and go to find out why... There are exceptions though: sometimes folks will report bugs or make ...


Because there aren't quite so many people who are smart, willing to explain things and can write properly. You need those people on the site to keep it up. In the years I've been online I've seen plenty of communities crash and burn because the knowledgeable people left. They usually left because of quality problems or clique forming. By helping to keep ...


Unicorns do exist. And their dollars as well, called unicoins Be aware that users who doubt their existence might be expelled from Winter Bash... Also, on meta we sometimes have fun....flagging the fun out of here is not yet a top priority of the moderators, hence the declined flags.


user2, we live in the era of "pro-sumption" sites. This term, coined by Toffler, means businesses where (incredibly) the actual "consumers" of the site -- the customers -- actually "produce" the content; they actually do the work. For free! And willingly! (You can go ahead and trivially google "Toffler Prosumption" for endless books, articles, talks etc.) ...


I don't really understand why anything on meta doesn't affect the reputation on the main site. Well, voting is different on Meta. It's not entirely based on facts all the time; it's more often used to express disagreement. Even though voting as it currently stands is arbitrary enough, having one's reputation on the main site plummet because people ...


My motivation is quite strage : life is boring, lesson is boring, working is boring...:-( Flagging, voting, commenting is a excellent way to consume my time:D


Once you start thinking of including additional files in hopes that it may clarify your question, your question is decidedly unclear. You should always strive to keep your questions well-contained; that is, someone could, at their leisure, pull your code into their favorite IDE or editor and run it as-is (within limits; some third-party libraries that are ...


I see three types of hosting: Social network sites tied to public accounts, e.g. Google Drive, One Drive, etc. A workplace or private web server, e.g. http://company.com/SO/Example.pdf Anonymous sites for file swapping, e.g. Mega, Dropbox, etc. There's no best place recommended to link for off-site resources actually, since you're ...


It's the gamification. Mostly that. Don't believe it? Check this.


You learn some you give some. Knowledge is something to be shared , not to be kept to one self. If you die, you will not pass the knowledge you've learned to pass but it will go to waste. Passing information to the next generation is so they can carry our discoveries.


For me its simple :- I want to contribute in better world where I like to live. This is one of way for doing same.


Refactoring questions is pretty similar to refactoring code, its maintenance on a communal library of problems and their solutions. Moderating just keeps it something that everyone can read, understand and reference.


To me it's like walking in a library - I love the smell of books, I like to take them out and see the cover, I like to take one out and read it. Whenever I see a book on the ground or sitting unattended on a counter, visibly abandoned, I take it to where it belongs. My actions are very similar to the ones I do in a library - I visit questions to see what ...


In the 6 to 8 weeks this takes to implement use the following userscript to add the link to the review dashboard on meta: // ==UserScript== // @name link to main review // @namespace http://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/578411/rene // @version 0.1 // @description link back to main // @author rene // @match ...


No, they should not be migrated. Users are not required to go to MSE, they are free to post on a child Meta if they prefer to do so. Source: Users Can Report Bugs On Whatever Child Meta Site Suits Them


To be honest, I needed points for giving a bounty to one of my questions (spoiler: it worked, thank you guys). To be politically correct, world peace, of course.

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