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Should we be doing this? Of course not. That being said, I don't think this is actually happening. The two kinds of posts that this even remotely happens to are: Posts that are beating a dead horse (downvote require comments, why we are all assholes, etc.) and so the answers still apply, even if the new post has a twist on the old idea. If such posts ...


I wasn't the moderator who declined this, but I can see why they missed what you were trying to point out. As you stated, the entirety of your flag was I don't agree with the closure; I am not asking for this to be reopened, simply that we ought to be able to vote to do so. Nowhere in there did you explicitly state that the question was locked, and ...


Typically on Meta sites, there's enough viewership that a sufficient number of people will have seen your post. If a while goes by and nobody's responded, it's likely that the people who did felt it didn't need a response, or they didn't want to do it. Still, very rarely I've seen people get really unlucky and have a Meta post Tumbleweed; if that happens, ...


If by new community you mean a new Stack Exchange site then try Area 51.


Link it in The Stack Overflow Tavern or A Meta Stack Overflow chat room.


You probably clicked on a link or something that changed your page size to 1. To fix it, you can simply click on the 15, 30, or 50 at the bottom right of the list (next to "per page"). The fact that one of them isn't highlighted suggests that you aren't using a default value.


Just wait until you can comment. It's great that you're actively contributing to Stack Overflow and that you're clearly trying to give good answers. Please keep doing that and you'll soon forget this short episode in which commenting was blocked. This raised bar for commenting has very good reasons. Without it, the site would be swamped with spam or ...


Can heated comments be an acceptable reason to close as "not seeking input and discussion"? In and of themselves, no. They can be an indication that one side or the other is in a state of denial though, which might conceivably justify it. Deciding whether it does is a judgement call, and better to err on the side of not closing (Imho, used too much in ...

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