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Because Meta Stack Overflow is not a separate site*. You cannot see Meta Mathematics or Meta Server Fault in that list for the same reason. Per-site metas are not listed as separate accounts, because they simply are not separate accounts. *There was a separate Meta Stack Overflow site until yesterday, when it was renamed to Meta Stack Exchange, to make ...


Treat Meta Stack Overflow like you would any other child meta site - if your question is specific to this community, then ask it here. Think of this like Town Hall. Meta Stack Exchange is the capital city, where we discuss things that all of our communities have in common (our engine, the bugs it has from time to time and the features folks want out of ...


It's just the child meta doing what it should be doing by acting as if it's as old as the parent site, thus badge awarding gets a little noisy initially. You'll get one yearling for each year of active participation on the main site (or the same number you have there). Some will see an additional flurry of them when I start migrating some of the more ...


Because you completed 2 year on Stack Overflow. And you have been awarded two Yearling badges. Check your profile: It is because Operation 'Split, All The Metas!' Shall Commence On April 16, 2014


It's a misunderstanding of the concept of meta votes, made by cited post author. Twice. Once in the question, second in removing it. Yes, questions are to be downvoted on meta because they are poor, but such questions should be closed as well. In other (hopefully more common) cases downvoting means disagreeing with either proposal or assumptions made by ...


These were because of Operation Split, All The Metas!, just a task like a system maintenance happened so some random things happened during the task being completed. I saw it as well, several times, maybe twice.

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