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Moderators are not directly involved at all with whether or not a feature request is acted upon, although if we support something strongly, we can nudge them more to try and get it implemented (no guarantees). If a feature request is outright silly and we know, for sure, it would never be implemented, we will decline them as a way of indicating to the Stack ...


I agree. Such a source or inspiration of a question is irrelevant. This tag doesn't add any useful information related to the problem to solve. I really don't understand why should anyone care whether the question comes from coursera, edx or any other learning site (well, regarding the comment discussion, I do understand why, but I still don't think this ...


Yes, it is. If you want to point out a bad question, you downvote and/or vote to close it. Not tag it. (A long time ago, we used to have people going around tagging questions with plzsendtehcodez. You can imagine how that one went down.) I've rejected the tag wiki, reversed the edits and spoken to the user responsible. Needless to say, any robo-reviewers ...


Looking at the questions, it seems like "Helper" actually is the correct terminology for meteor. (According to comments, a new meteor-helper tag has been created and added to the intersection of meteor and helpers. So that's dealt with.) And all (that I saw) of the rest came from someone typing a sentence help me frob blah pls into keywords, and the ...


This has been "fixed" as @animuson ♦ has made an edit. It now goes to http://meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/274599/revisions. However, the root issue has not yet been fixed and appears on other sites. See this post on meta.SE.


What problem does this really solve? If you have a good question that isn't a duplicate, just ask it. It doesn't matter if it was assigned as homework or not. We had the homework meta tag before and it added no real value. Ultimately, we decided to burninate it. See Can we now discourage the use of and burninate the homework tag? and The homework tag is now ...


For those pointing out that "helper" is a correct terminology in some frameworks, templating libraries, etc., I acknowledge that, but I doubt the value in an actual tag devoted to this particular mechanism. It makes more sense for it to be tagged by the framework/library, where it will garner some attention. The fact it's related to whatever the ...


"Best-practices" are, more often than not, opinion-based. As such, they're off-topic for SO.


Do the same thing you should always do when you see an edit war; flag for moderator attention. They're the only ones that have the tools to deal with such situations.


That tag has been removed from all posts. It will cease to be within 24 hours, when the dead tag script runs.


The burnination is now status-completed. No questions carry the tag at the moment, Cerbrus and I just cleaned out the remaining questions (in response to Coursera tags are getting readded to questions). ♫♩ Burninating the countryside ♪♬ burninating the peasants ♫♩ burninating all the peoples ♬♪ in the thatch roofed cottages! ♬♩ Wicked dueling ...


Wouldn't it be nice if SO, or SE if it's applicable across sites, had a public Trello board (or something similar) with details of their roadmap or at least a list of public feature requests from meta sites broken down in to categories like: Proposed (question asked) In Discussion Rejected Approved Implementing Complete I know there is the regular ...

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