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You can use plain markdown for what you want: Compare void printDescription() { System.out.print(description); // ^^^^^ } against void printDescription() { System.out.println(description); // ^^^^^^^ } Source: Compare <!-- language-all: lang-java --> void printDescription() { ...


The correct way to format multiple lines of code in markdown is to indent each line 4 spaces in. The OP has used a single ` mark at the start and end of the whole listing, which is not correct - these are for inline code. As result, only the first line of their markup shows up as code, but the rest is not visible as it is rendered with tags. This is not a ...


As vol7ron mentions, there is a p:last-of-type rule that's zeroing out the margin on any p that's the last within its parent in the context of a ul, ol, for whatever reason: .post-text ul p:last-of-type, .wmd-preview ul p:last-of-type, .post-text ol p:last-of-type, .wmd-preview ol p:last-of-type { margin-bottom: 0; } One proposed fix is to just get ...


You can simply post it as code and tell it not to add syntax highlighting. From the Markdown Editing Help: To specify that you don't want any syntax highlighting for a code block, use: <!-- language: lang-none -->


The original Markdown rules (by the creator of Markdown) address this directly: It’s worth noting that it’s possible to trigger an ordered list by accident, by writing something like this: 1986. What a great season. In other words, a number-period-space sequence at the beginning of a line. To avoid this, you can backslash-escape the period: ...


Looks Fine to Me list code list code Too Much Space Using <br><br> list code list code The culprit is more than likely this line in the CSS, which removes the bottom-margin spacing under certain paragraphs: .post-text ul p:last-of-type, .wmd-preview ul p:last-of-type, .post-text ol p:last-of-type, .wmd-preview ol ...


As documented in the CommonMark Spec, you can escape it with a backslash before the period. 1\. Example See: 1. Example


I don't know of any way to escape it, but you can easily trick the parser: 1. Do you want this? 2.<!----> Here's how. 3.<!> You can also use invalid HTML. 4.<z> There are a number of variations of bad HTML that work.


Add a couple of <br>s at the end of item 1 to workaround. Workaround: Item 1. Block below is nicely separated from this text: block item 2 Code - Item 1. Block below is nicely separated from this text:<br><br> block - item 2

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