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<<x>hello-world> for <hello-world>.


HTML encode the characters: <> is &lt;&gt;


Either use HTML entities such as &lt; and &gt;, or use backticks (`) to mark up the section as code. Demo: Using HTML escapes, &lt;Bad Ptr&gt; is rendered as: <Bad Ptr> Using backticks, `<Bad Ptr>` is rendered as: <Bad Ptr> Since you are talking about an error message here, I'd go with the backticks here.


Like ctrl+alt+del or ctrl-alt-del? Don't know why you'd want to do that, having separate keys looks better and makes more sense to me, but just include them in a single <kbd> tag (like <kbd>ctrl+alt+del</kbd>) if that's what you want. Or just do ctrl+alt+del instead.


Use a Backslash Escape to escape the * with a \ as follows: - \* aa - bb Output: * aa bb Source Markdown: Syntax Backslash Escapes Markdown allows you to use backslash escapes to generate literal characters which would otherwise have special meaning in Markdown’s formatting syntax. For example, if you wanted to surround a word with ...


This is by design, we need some characters to mark the end of a URL and one such character is space. Using spaces is unsafe in URIs because this is such a common issue. One way to go around it is encoding the spaces, and http has a special placeholder for space: "+" ...


Get rid of all the <pre><code> elements (and the corresponding close elements). Indent the code lines four or more spaces (depending on indentation levels), or simply copy/paste the code from your favorite editor, select it, and use the { } toolbar button (or hit Ctrl+K) to format as code. Here's the properly formatted post (below the ...


The reason is the space. It is unsafe to use space characters in URIs exactly because of this reason, it breaks on most text parsing systems. Unless there is a special markup set, the parser does not know when the link stops. In order to avoid making everything after the text link a hyperlink, it stops at the first space. It is always advised to encode ...


Your comment doesn't seem to be requesting information or suggesting improvements, rather it seems to be adding additional information to the question. Therefore your comment belongs as an edit to the question.


"why not?" Comments are 3rd class citizens in the SO posting model. Having this feature would encourage noise, rather than well formed answers. If you have an answer that doesn't fit in a comment post it as answer. If you have another comment (paragraph) that wouldn't fit (look) well in a single comment, post another one.

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