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I don't understand this. There is a well-known way to demarcate inline quotations in English: the quotation marks. Come on, just look at the name of those things. If you want the quote to receive additional emphasis, use some emphasis markup, i.e. surround it with * in Markdown. (b) looks the same (there's no syntax highlighting in inline-code. I knew ...


Code formatting is quite obviously not intended for use as quoting. The fixed-width font is of course for ease of reading code, and the coloured background is for a separation between prose and code that is simply not pertinent for quotations. When writing quotes, you can do it like "this", or like "this", or like: this But when you do it like this ...


A quotation and an inline code span are two completely different things, There is no disputing this fact, In much the same way that it is inappropriate {in English anyway} to end a sentence with a comma and separate two or more parts of a sentence with a period. it is also inappropriate to demarcate an inline quotation as an inline code span. unless you are ...


I have to disagree with Light in this specific case, as I personally believe using code formatting is fine to put quotes inline, as you say and did. I do so too from time to time, and would have left your answer alone. However, in the general case, code formatting is indeed abused to highlight arbitrary words sometimes, and that usage should be edited.


There's already a scroll-bar added to long code-blocks, automatically. Other than that, there's no functionality available to "Collapse / Expand" blocks of code. Whatever you do, don't post relevant code off-site. A slightly long answer isn't necessarily bad if it contains useful information that's formatted in a logical way. (Which appears to be the case, ...


As said in a comment by OP. I would be a fool to try to convince other people that my formatting style is better than others. What is in dispute is if an user has the authority to change the style of an answer without even modifying the content, just because to his taste is isn't readable Yes a user has the "authority" to change the style of ...


There is nothing, in general, wrong with bolding things. However, used excessively, it can impair readability. Surely the degree to which it does for a given text varies from person to person, but while I probably wouldn’t have edited it out in this case, I do believe that the bolding was enough to impair the readability of the text. When I bold things, I ...


Underscores are not the issue -- you can replace them with @ or even with nothing, and you still get the same result. It seems a hard return inside code tacks `..` is interpreted as a literal hard return. A deduction easily tested ... "And I have tested it", as Wen said. (*) * Thief of Time, Terry Pratchett.


Fixed in the next build. To prevent double-encoding when converting the entered URL into a "safe" version, I took the shortcut of just decoding before re-encoding. That usually works, but is really a horrible idea as you have demonstrated here, since what in the original URL would have been a plain & and an encoded &, i.e. %26 would end up being the ...


Though this is not completely answering the question still it is possible at least to emphasize or make bold the whole text inside of backticks without the need for HTML markup simply by surrounding the backticks by * or **. Check the code of this answer to get the picture.


indent by 4 spaces This is in a div element but 0 spaces indentation so you cannot see div elements <div>This is in a div element with 4 spaces indentation so you can see div elements</div>


Triple backtick support Please!!!! It's super annoying that in order to paste code into SO I have to copy my code to a new file in my text editor and then indent it. Or, I copy some snippet and then have to manually add 4 spaces in front of each line. With triple backtick like github flavored markdown that problem would disappear.


It's possible with HTML 1) A code block Emphasis on this <pre><code>Emphasis on <b>this</b> </code></pre> 2) Inline code: Emphasis on this Inline code: <code>Emphasis on <b>this</b></code> Depending on the code, you'd need HTML entities to render it ok.


No you can't do that. If you use backticks or four spaces to show code then exactly what you type gets rendered. So if you try to bold something: I want this bold you'd actually get this: I want **this** bold The only way to emphasise something would be to use comments to point out what's at fault as this won't mess with the syntax highlighting: ...

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