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A solution/workaround was pointed out in the comments (use a unicode char). However, this question also asked "why?" It is all explained in the official?/original Markdown Syntax Rules: The backtick delimiters surrounding a code span may include spaces — one after the opening, one before the closing. This allows you to place literal backtick ...


Oh I just converted the output below the Output title from <pre> to list and it accepted. Strange.


Just an addition to Oded's answer. You could get into trouble if your formatting uses a mix of spaces and tabs. Many editors use 8 spaces for 1 tab, where SE paste seems to convert with 4 spaces for one tab. So, my advice is to first convert all tabs to spaces in your external editor and only then copy and paste into Stack Overflow.


The code formatter {} can't tell what code you are trying to format - after all, it is likely you have mixed text and code in the post, it is possibly that you are pasting text and not code. It needs some help there - someone needs to tell it what to format. This is done by selecting the code - once selected, clicking {} (or the keyboard shortcut for it, ...


Your question is a little confusing; I don't think the Imgur and Stack Snippets dialog boxes are modifications, they are plugins to the editor. I don't think they are available as OSS at this time, no. PageDown is the project with all the modifications that Stack Exchange uses, based on the original Showdown and WMD projects. Yes, all those modifications ...


This works now. If you edit your question (or look at the live-rendered version), you'll see that "KMP" is a link. Note that you have actually mark it as a link, like you did with [...](...). Free-form link recognition is stricter when trying to guess which parts of the text you probably want to have hyperlinked and still won't handle certain characters in ...


You are experiencing Undefined Behaviour :-) As said by jonrsharpe and PatrickHofman, you shall have a blank line above indented code. As you did not have it, things went bad : the quality filter correctly noticed that your source text was incorrect the renderer correctly guessed that you intended to have the blank line, and cleverly did as if it had been ...

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