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Looks Fine to Me list code list code Too Much Space Using <br><br> list code list code The culprit is more than likely this line in the CSS, which removes the bottom-margin spacing under certain paragraphs: .post-text ul p:last-of-type, .wmd-preview ul p:last-of-type, .post-text ol p:last-of-type, .wmd-preview ol ...


As documented in the CommonMark Spec, you can escape it with a backslash before the period. 1\. Example See: 1. Example


I don't know of any way to escape it, but you can easily trick the parser: 1. Do you want this? 2.<!----> Here's how. 3.<!> You can also use invalid HTML. 4.<z> There are a number of variations of bad HTML that work.


Add a couple of <br>s at the end of item 1 to workaround. Workaround: Item 1. Block below is nicely separated from this text: block item 2 Code - Item 1. Block below is nicely separated from this text:<br><br> block - item 2


I had the same problem, and thanks to luckydonald's answer, I used the trick to quote everything and see what's wrong. Indeed for me it was the links. More precisely, I had a link [supported][php-eol], and that was causing the error. When I changed "php-eol" to "2", it worked. Don't know exactly what is causing that, but probably linked to having "php" as ...

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