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It shouldn't. That's not a valid link as there is absolutely no link which can be considered valid with a space in the middle of it. If you want the last part of the link to be recognized, you need to encode the space, like so:,%20arg2) Result:,%20arg2) Otherwise, it's a separate ...


Ah... I can just use HTML <a> tag for that. sample link


Normally, one paste his code under numbered list and click code sample button on editor, he expect this: below code start with indent space 8 print 'hello' Not this(current): below code start with indent space 4 print 'hello' @Cody Gray I don't know the detail implementation of SO' editor, but I would say what I imagine: Solution 1: When ...


While the suggestion has merit, we are not going to do implement it for now, as it would be too little gain for the amount of work it would take to validate the solution and fix the many edge cases that are likely to arise. As a workaround you can use the non-breaking hyphen as suggested by Dave, or try to write your code snippet as a full code block ...

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