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The markdown way to do this would be to escape the * with a \. *write column names instead of \** Output: write column names instead of *


I got it. I have to use HTML <i> tag like: <i>write column names instead of *</i> It will produce this result: write column names instead of *


In your example, http is a valid yet unused label in Java. That is to say, if you put that into code right now, it'd compile, but any IDE worth their salt would alert you that you have a label that is now unused (and very, very likely broken even if it were used). So no, that's no bug. If it's outside of code, it shouldn't be in a code block at all (and ...


For code to appear in a code block, it must be indented 4 (or more) spaces. If you look at your screenshot, you can see that code you pasted hasn't been properly indented at all. The first line has only been indented 3 spaces. The following two lines (and closing bracket) have not been indented at all. The only reason that some of the code appears ...


To format code, indent the entire codeblock 4 spaces, or highlight it and click the "Code Sample" button on the top menu. import java.util.regex.*; import java.util.*; public class TestRegex { public static void main(String[] args) { // Create a pattern to match two integers, comma-delimited Pattern intCommaInt = ...

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