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The lines are using non-breaking spaces in the first column rather than regular spaces: >>> u'''\ ... at myapp.music.organizer.SmallPlayerView.<init>(SmallPlayerView.java:46) ...             at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.constructNative(Native Method) ...             at ...


The preview just shows the plain body text, but the lines are formatted as one paragraph in markdown so shown on one line. Someone already fixed this, but the correct method would be to indent those lines by 4 spaces, optionally prefixed by <!-- language: lang-none --> to disable the automatic code highlighting. So it worked in the preview because it ...


Fixed now. As you can see here (that page is rendered on-demand, not cached), re-rendering this question (by making any edit) would no longer create the extraneous content.


Either put the image in a blockquote, or use the <kdb> tag to produce a border: Blockquote Markdown source: > ![cute Ninja][1] Keyboard tag Markdown source: <kbd>![cute Ninja][1]</kbd> The latter works better for the mobile view than the former.

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