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This is detailed in 2 major parts of the StackExchange network, across all Q&A factions. The tour The tour is a great place to start because it introduces you to how the SE works, detailing; Screens you'll see How things work Introduces you to tags, awards, reputation, and badges How to ask a good question A brief summary (I've just grabbed the ...


Yes, you can force code highlighting for specific blocks of code. A detailed explanation is available on MSE: What is syntax highlighting and how does it work? The quick summary, is that you add a language hint to the top of your code block like so: <!-- language: lang-or-tag-here --> code goes here In this case, lang-or-tag-here would be ...


That's one of the cases embedded image links are more appreciated than plain (code formatted) text. As mentioned in my comment, you should compose a diagram picture using a decent UML or otherwise diagramming tool, and post an embedded picture in your question or answer.

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