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Yes. Head over to your user profile and select preferences, you can enable them from there. Alternatively, you can jump straight there.(Thanks Pokechu22) Once enabled, you can use ? to bring up the help menu Of course, the help is context aware too, so you get different options for different pages.


This happens when you use keyboard shortcuts to select content. For example, to select the current question, I can press u This only happens when you have keyboard shortcuts enabled.


It does also happen with answers, that you selected with J or K, while keyboard shortcuts are enabled, as Joe pointed out.


I had installed RobW's script to disable the hotkeys in the SO editor, but it does not work anymore. Here is a different script that disables specific keys for all elements in the document. I have put the 4 emacs bindings that are overridden by the SO editor (WMD), but other shortcuts should be added for MacOS users with muscle memory. I got the idea from ...


This has been fixed and will be pushed out in rev 3799 on meta and 2916 on stack overflow.


I don't use Twitter (shock! no way!) but I'd guess the reason why they use Ctrl+Enter is because Enter is a valid input as part of the message - which it isn't here in Stack Exchange comments. So what you're asking for is to remove a feature that works perfectly fine and replace it with a different key sequence simply because some other site does it. You ...


There is a stackapps extension to have Alt+K do <kbd> marking:


When hovering over the buttons in the editor, the tooltip will also contain the keyboard shortcut: There is no shortcut for <kbd>, as it is not generally useful (and too easy to abuse). It is a rather rare thing to need.


According to Glen Murphy, Design Director, Google Chrome It's there for backwards compatibility with the search shortcut in previous browsers. The question mark is a way to force a search (for cases where your query looks a lot like a URL). The Stack Overflow CTRL + K shortcut works in Chrome if you are editing a post. Otherwise, it is going to ...


This is already implemented. Go to your profile and check the checkbox in your preferences at Edit Profile & Settings > Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts > Enable keyboard shortcuts (when enabled, press ? for help). In question lists, the J and K then navigate between the questions:


Fix is rolling out with build 2015.1.30.3034 on meta and 2015.1.30.2257 on sites. All it took was the removal of the .no-esc-remove class from the popup's lightbox - which actually only started to behave correctly after the batch of fixes concerning the stacking of popups we can have due to the markdown editor & rejection reason popup inside the ...

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