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This has been fixed. We made some changes to mobile views that ended up leaking to all views inadvertently. Should be all good now <3


Good spot! We had a subtle bug that meant distance units weren't respected all the time. The recent search indicates the actual search that was run. I've fixed it and pushed a new build. Thanks for the report :)


Just re-apply for the job using your correct name. It's unlikely that any explanation will suffice


I looked into where the name 'Mad Man' came from and it definitely didn't come from any data we have on SO/SE. The only possibility is that your browser auto-completed the box with a name you (or somebody using your computer) previously entered elsewhere. This is clearly undesirable behaviour and I've changed the inputs on that form to prevent them auto-...


I got an email from SO (after I contacted them about my problem as Magisch suggested in this answer). Here's part of the email: ... sorry however once an application has been submitted to an employer it cannot be amended as they are being reviewed.


If you don't want to wait until an employee responds here, you can attempt to use the contact us link that can be found on every page at the bottom and explain your problem. Select "I need help with Careers/Jobs" in the topic selection, too.


UPDATE: There were multiple Careers accounts at play here; one of them received a message and then your SO account ended up being linked to an older CV. Fix was to merge the newly linked user into your original Careers user. I'm a little confused. You've opted into the developer story beta which (during the beta period) has no effect on your CV or ...


Erghhh.. yeah that's a bug. Teaches me right for only verifying in Chrome. Fix is going up now, thanks!


I'm finding a number of spammy company pages, and it's getting too awkward to use the tiny comment boxes. I'm marking this Community Wiki so that everyone else can add to or edit the list. The main sign that I've been seeing that something is wrong is that the "benefits" are not benefits. While I have found some false positives, the vast majority that ...


It appears that anyone can create a Company Page. From the FAQ: Do I have to have active job listings to create a Company Page? Nope. You can create a free Company Page without job listings. However, to promote your page to more developers through Company Page ads, you will need to have active job listings running. In just a few seconds, I ...


Thank you for the report A.T.! We were not handling the case of forked repositories correctly, this should be fixed now.


Thanks for reporting this! This should be fixed now. :)


This is now fixed. The PDF rendering software that we use has a bug with the word-spacing css rule, which lead to the reported issue. We stopped using this rule for PDF exports. Thank you for your report!


If you do not already have a public CV on Stack Overflow, the employer will see nothing! An employer can only see your SO account if: You have a /Jobs CV. You've added your SO account to it. You apply using that CV. In this case you'd just be uploading a PDF or whatnot and that's all they'd see. We never make your CV public to the rest of our customers. ...


A long time ago, orange and blue were part of an A/B test. Actually, it was a four-way test which also featured a grey header and a "Careers 2.0" logo (the previous standard). Orange and blue performed the best, and roughly equal to each other, so we kept them both. There are tag-themed job ads which have a dedicated color scheme per tag, but the other ...


You can currently exclude companies by name using our search syntax feature. For example, you can exclude job listings from Stack Overflow by typing -company:"Stack Overflow" in the keyword field. We're currently wrapping up research/design for updated search functionality and UI. We'll be making features such as this one more accessible and easy-to-use.


Sorry for the delayed response (long weekend). Normally, we impose a scoring penalty on jobs you've seen more than ten times. So the more times you've seen a particular job, the less likely you are to see it the next day. That should usually take care of this sort of thing, but we uncovered a bug today in the process which tracks view counts. It was ...


After the positive (negative?) reaction here, I went ahead and flagged the post, and this morning received this response from StackOverflow via email: Thanks for taking the time to flag the listing, I’ve amended the remote flag and spoken to their account manager to ensure the client fully understands the implications of offering remote work. Cheers!...


The Post: Should be flag to remove the "Remote" keyword from the job listing. Moving to Cork, Ireland with the possibility of "Remote" is unacceptable. Having this at the top in bold puts the possibility of real "Remote" to about 0.05% chance at best: Working remotely is ...


Why do people want remote jobs? So they can keep living where they live now. A job with an on-site "trial" (presumably 3+ months) doesn't provide that. They'd need to move, and then maybe move back. So, basically, this doesn't meet the needs of the people looking for remote jobs.

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