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I don't think describing the JavaScript tag as a mess is accurate. It is just very active. As a result, some of the attributes of scale start to show up including duplication. I am fairly familiar with the tag, I have a gold badge for it, as well as jQuery (because, well, needs more..). This is not a new phenomenon, as the core of the issue is Users not ...


This does not sound as a problem unique to JavaScript. Your list of "too frequently asked questions" can be applied to the majority of language tags. Example: Only very recently I subscribed to the Python tag, as it is an interesting language and I wanted to learn it. As I know, SO is not a good resource for teaching so I started out with the official ...


This should be fixed. Was an interim issue caused by some testing I was doing. Should've only lasted a few minutes. Thanks for reporting!


I think the other answers do a good job of explaining why you are seeing this happening: JavaScript is the biggest tag, and there are a lot of people who just jump right in without any experience. (And yes, I also hear that other tags, such as php have this problem too.) But I want to propose a solution to combat this. I think that we could use more ...

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