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Yes, you absolutely should. Other embedded image links tend to: not work over HTTPS (although this isn’t the case for Tumblr) leak information to the sites hosting them (why is this still allowed?) break If the images aren’t subject to the same license as the post, they shouldn’t be part of it.


If having the image as part of the post would constitute an improvement, then yes, you should. Consider it similar to bringing in the content from any external link. However, I would recommend only doing this if you're fixing something else in the post.


No, you shouldn't. ("You" meaning all users who have not earned unsupervised edit privilege at 2k rep) If the community and powers-that-be decide it would be appropriate to do, SE developers can script it much more efficiently than your edit suggestions (which btw involve reviewers). And they can submit updates directly to the database without increasing ...

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