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As Steven V said, use http unless you want to feel really good about yourself. Until it happens for everybody, let's wait for someone smart to write a Userscript to do it for us.


Both i.imgur.com and i.stack.imgur.com support HTTPS. But HTTPS is still in an odd phase around here and I think still isn't officially supported yet, even though it does work (most of the time). But when you embed an image using the 'Insert Image' button in the editor, it still uses http:// to embed it. Stack Exchange could easily make the change to the ...


The trick I use is loading the image in Google Docs. It's time consuming, but it works. Here are the steps to use: Edit the post so you can see the source. Grab the image url (either inline or at the bottom of the post. Open a Google Document, preferably a Word Document. In the "Insert" menu, choose "Image". On the left menu, choose "By Url", then paste ...


You can quickly see the images using the Google Image Search thumbnails, which come from Google's gstatic.com server. Hopefully your employer hasn't blocked Google! Then, if there's an image you need in more detail, you may be able to do the Google Docs trick in gunr2171's answer on this page to see the full thing. This is ideal if you can't muck about ...


You can use FoxyProxy (also exists for Chrome) and do a SSH port forwarding to your machine at home ;) To create the tunnel: ssh -D 8080 you@yourserver.com Then you use FoxyProxy to connect FireFox/Chrome to your local port 8080 (if you have no admin rights, use a Port > 10'000). If port 22 (SSH) is blocked, you can set the SSH daemon at home to listen ...


If you're running a browser that supports Greasemonkey and you're able to get to an open proxy service, you should be able to write a page script that munges all the imgur URLs. I found someone on reddit with a similar problem that posted a script that might work.

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