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I do agree that this is something that should be fixed. But lets look at it on a more large scale, there are lots of services that do this aside from ImageShack, I can think of two good solutions here. Automatically port images from other resources to StackExchange's Imgur. Disallow users from using images that are not via StackExchange's Imgur. As far ...


How about uploading it to SE's imgur account (by doing the standard "include image from my computer"-dance), and then referencing that? Or if the exact image does not matter, consider re-purposing one already there. <img src="http://i.stack.imgur.com/SBZoQ.png"> In general, I find such big blobs distracting.


Using what @Spokey said, I figured out a way to remove alpha channel from the bmp. The only way I found a way around this was to use cimg. I did the following: CImg<float> image("image.bmp"); image = image.sRGBtoRGB(); image.save("image.bmp"); ... //upload to imgur


Quoting from a post on Meta.SE: Stack Exchange supports image uploading by using an external service (imgur) which does not support vector images. Imgur does not support the SVG format. They have an open feature request for such support, but it is 4 years old at this point. If your SVG image is hosted elsewhere, you can embed it in the post using ...


So inspired by James' answer about using Greasemonkey, I wondered how tough it'd be to hack up a quick JavaScript snippet that'd swap out image sources. The below code will swap out all images whose sources start with i.stack.imgur with their counterparts from archive.org. To be clear, this puts the images on the page you're viewing, which is ideal, I ...

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