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I don't think this is really an issue at all. Web developers rarely cater for zoom levels within browsers as it's almost always a pointless endeavour. In an ideal world, the 100% default zoom level would give no reason for anyone to zoom in or out in the first place. Equally, the person in control of the zoom on their browser is the user themselves, not the ...


If you see strange artifacts when zooming in/out, that's to be expected. The sites are designed for 100% zoom level.


There is a strong preference for using the Stack Exchange Imgur account for uploading images for the simple reason that this is the only method guaranteed to be available (at least as long as the sites themselves exist). Images on free hosters tend to expire at some point, images on personal hosting can get unavailable after a while as well. Fixing this ...


Is it a rule on Stack Overflow/Meta that we must use Imgur for images? There is no such rule. Our upload tool will use imgur by default, but if you have an existing image on the web that you want to use directly, you can just use that (using the markdown image syntax): ![image alt](http://example.com/path/to/image.jpg "image title") Or: ![image ...


Either put the image in a blockquote, or use the <kdb> tag to produce a border: Blockquote Markdown source: > ![cute Ninja][1] Keyboard tag Markdown source: <kbd>![cute Ninja][1]</kbd> The latter works better for the mobile view than the former.

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