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So inspired by James' answer about using Greasemonkey, I wondered how tough it'd be to hack up a quick JavaScript snippet that'd swap out image sources. The below code will swap out all images whose sources start with i.stack.imgur with their counterparts from archive.org. To be clear, this puts the images on the page you're viewing, which is ideal, I ...


As mentioned in the updated OP: SORRY! False alarm! The screenshot had failed and the image was only a 5KB white background. Out of maybe 200 or so uploads I have done to SOF it happened only this one time - just after this new upload process. So I conflated the two.


I'd say the main types of images you should avoid embedding is: Offensive content - an image containing text not appropriate for a question (e.g. offensive language) or one that's NSFW (not safe for work - pornographic, violent, disturbing, etc.). Spam - it should look at least vaguely related to the question. An image providing clearly and unarguably not ...


What's the rationale for not allowing novice users to embed figures in their questions? What undesired outcomes does that restriction try to prevent, exactly? I feel this is just a precautions or say user validation before SO allow user to upload image to their question. Otherwise anonymous internet users can take advantage for this, and Reviewer ...


I had same problem and the reason was that corporate network rejected to access the server where images where hosted. it is definitely client side problem.


Since you cannot see the image via a direct link, this means that the issue lies on the side of your internet connection. Most commonly, this is a school or corporate firewall that blocks *.imgur.com. Ask your system administrator if you believe that accessing Stack Overflow and seeing images is necessary for your work.


Since you did not provide a link to the question: Googling insite:stackoverflow.com On this blog post Identify Code led to this result: Can someone show me what a good dependency matrix looks like and specify why? I can still see the images from my corporate network, as well as over the guest network and LTE. I suppose this is a client side issue. You ...

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