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As in the cross-site duplicate target from Shog: Flag it for moderator attention, explain why you need it removed. Specifically, explain why just editing it out or deleting the post isn't good enough. If you convince the moderator handling the flag that you're not crazy, they'll pass it on to one of us & we'll nuke it. That doesn't seem to ...


In this case, you could patch the pictures together in a graphics program (GIMP, MS Paint, PhotoShop) and upload them. But, are you sure you need more than two pictures? Things like source code and error messages should not be in pictures (as people won't be able to search for them), and you should always strive to make a Minimum, Complete, Verifiable ...


This appears to be a longstanding bug/feature request and as of today (July 2016) is actively being worked on. Yay!

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