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Accessibility is a major issue, but it is not that simple to ensure users are entering meaningful alt text. I would prefer that it is explained why it is important, but not required, to avoid users entering "aaaaaaa". If the user leaves the default, it should be filtered out and no alt should be displayed. Based on the WHATWG Living HTML standard, in ...


This question is probably more interesting than you realized when you asked it. About a year ago, we looked at every single image that was blocked due to this restriction (we log each incident), and the results were interesting: 99% of everything blocked was benign, just screen shots, diagrams - what you'd expect. The 1% that wasn't benign was really ...


As Jarrod correctly notes, this appears to be a bug at the imgur thumbnailing process - completely without any evidence I'm going to blindly speculate that it is a race condition where we are requesting the thumbnail immediately after upload, since I can't repro it if I space out the upload and thumnbail request. I will disable the thumbnails for now, while ...


Click on the image button: Paste your image into the dialog: Then Confirm your image: You can also pick an image from your computer or enter the URL of an image on the web at step 2.


Why can't users with less than 10 reputation points add images while asking question? As per the Help Center, these restrictions are placed to prevent new users from spamming the site. What are the alternative ways to include an image with a post from a new user? New users can upload the image and mention the image URL in the post. Other users who ...


The easiest way is to use the image uploader button when you edit or create a post. From there you have the option to upload an image from your computer or from the web.


It goes without saying, any code or error messages in your question should obviously be entered using text. However: There's plenty of things that have varying levels of detail that could belong in a question that aren't code or text On sites that heavily discuss graphing, rendering and the like, this could be even more useful But, the higher-resolution ...


You are allowed to use HTML to produce images in your posts, which also lets you specify the width and/or height, like so: <img src="http://i.stack.imgur.com/n31t7.gif" width="320" /> Produces:

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