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I just looked at your profile preferences and saw this: So yeah - when you tell the system to gray out questions with certain tags, questions with those tags will appear gray.


I'm actually amazed the site even works for you. Ignoring tags, with "Hide questions in your ignored tags" enabled (rather than "Gray out questions in your ignored tags") isn't free: the server needs to construct custom queries to filter out that data. Filtering out 1400 is... wow. We have previously tried to restrict the number of exclusions allowed, to ...


You can do this by left clicking instead: Mouse over the tag until the info box pops up. Click on the grey star, turning it yellow. Click on the yellow star, it'll be replaced by a red check box. Voila, you added the tag to your ignored list. Note that you can also add ignored tags in the sidebar; no need to navigate to your pretences for this ...


First of all, ignored and favourited tags are handled entirely in the browser. You can either hide ignored tags, or you can choose to have them shown greyed out. If you configured your account to hide ignored tags, then any ignored tag on a post will caused it to be removed from the view. The whole question will not be shown. It doesn't matter how many tags ...


You've added one or more of title, fancybox or hmtl to your 'ignored tags' list. Posts that have an ignored tag are displayed faded out. For posts that have both favourite and ignored tags, the post is displayed faded out with yellow background.


There is already a feature to do this. When you hover over a tag, a tooltip will appear. In the top left corner of the tooltip there's a star. Clicking on that star will toggle between favorite, ignored and normal.


Just go to your profile, the preferences-tab, and add them to "Ignored Tags": Here a link for the main SO site:


Favorite Tags: Questions with these tags become highlighted, formerly known as "interesting tags." Ignored Tags: Questions with these tags are shown faded; they are still visible but less prominent. Checking the "Hide Ignored Tags" box causes them to be hidden completely. (This is done by a client-side script however, so you may notice odd "gaps.") On ...


When you hover over a tag name, a pop-up appears with a star in the top left corner. Click twice on the star so that it becomes a red cross (the star cycles through three states: normal, favorite, ignored). This marks the tag as ignored. When a tag is ignored, you won't see any question with this tag in your feed, on the main page or on /questions pages. In ...


I'm not sure adding new system functionality is really worthwhile. When it's fairly easy to just click the skip button. More importantly, even though you don't know the technology, tag, or code language etc, you can still sometimes determine if it's ok, needs improving, or not salvageable. The more people who see these the better, as they need to be ...


As per the proposed FAQ about ignored tags, you can use wildcards in your ignored tags list, on your preferences page.

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