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Just remove the initial colon in round brackets like this and the link displays and works correctly. A URL starts with a scheme, not a colon. If you look carefully at the inline link the colon is not underlined, the inline link parser just skips it and starts linkifying after that.


Currently, if I want to create a direct link to an specific answer I have to: Right click on the answer. Select "Inspect Element". Snip rest of steps. There is a much easier solution: Scroll to the bottom of the answer. Click "share" You will see a link. Raw link text: [Making the bookmarks for each answer more ...


"Click here" as link text has been frowned upon for as long as the web has existed. The optimal hyperlink label, of course, is one that actually describes its destination, or at least consists of its name/title. Again, this is industry best practices and is not limited to Stack Overflow. The one thing I have to note, for editors, is that when you see a ...

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