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SourceTree does not access your Stack Overflow account, no. I think you are talking about your avatar image: The URL for this image is https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/c8b36f3a5e5efced29c9ebdf9e1a4276?s=128&d=identicon&r=PG; it contains a hash of your email address, and some parameters to control size, usage and rating (you can use different ...


You can't change the identicon unless you change the e-mail address you have in your profile. It's derived from the e-mail address in some way (I'm assuming the algorithm is semi secret so you can't reverse engineer the address easily from the image). This means that while you'll get another image it will be random again. If you have a particular pattern ...


These images are algorithmecally generated by the Gravatar service. Their documentation says: identicon: a geometric pattern based on an email hash You seem to have known to tag the question with gravatar, so not sure where the confusion is.


Looks like your profile is using the anonymous identicon. To switch to Gravatar, go to your profile's edit page and click "change picture".

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