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This question was shown in the "hot network questions" list: It used to have a slightly less mature title (involving buttholes instead of anuses) which is why you got that title in your search results.


When you click that Learn More link in the feedback modal, you come to a page that states: Search is constantly evolving. In a typical year, we experiment with tens of thousands of possible changes. Every change is tested in an experiment where some users see the change and others don’t. By getting your feedback on our experiments, we learn which ...


Google's algorithm is smart enough to figure out that references to MatLab's phallic plotting capabilities is actually a secret virtual handshake. Thus it tries to return an equally interesting result - amusing to the common eye, but an answer in a nutshell to whoever is calling out. The real question, if you ask me, is what happens to Thalia's truck?


No, google does not appear to increase the viewcount This is based on the assumption that all questions are treated equally. Here is how I checked this: Search for a question with minimum views, (does not actually work very well) Open a question with 2 views so far it had exactly 2 when I opened it,After refreshing it increased to 3 because of me. Note ...


This is already built into some browsers (most notably, Chrome). Machine translation is ... subpar. Worse in some languages than others, but could be okay for reading. Unfortunately, it can't be relied on for allowing folks to ask or answer questions on Stack Overflow when they're not very comfortable with English as if that barrier did not exist. Even if ...


According to Anna Lear only new accounts should fill the Real Name field from a Google Account; see Why do you want to "View your basic profile info"?: Far as using this information goes, we currently populate the "real name" field (that isn't shown to anyone except you and the site's moderators) on new profiles with the name from the Google ...


Wait, what are you trying to do? You can't delete your one and only login credential. We can remove your profile, but you have to follow the steps here: We are working on a more robust self-service delete system, but in the meantime... this is all by design. Even if you don't agree, that doesn't make it a bug.


Google most probably indexes Stack Overflow as quickly as they do on account of the amount of new content that keeps coming up quickly on the site. Consider that it normally takes a couple of minutes for a new question to drop off the home page - consider how many answers and comments have been posted within such a time period on Stack Overflow and you ...

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