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While I think this would be reasonably difficult to detect well, I like the idea and I think it should be looked into. Making people jump through hoops to get to a good level of quality may seem mean to some, but this is how we maintain a better level of quality for the community and the site. I wish there was also a way to stop people cold if they have ...


To get *+* You need to escape the * with \ as * is an italics markdown format character. \*+\* gets rendered into *+* Here is the SO help on formatting your post.


"Let's have a predefined formatting option for console output, with the said features, i.e. pre-formatted with word-wrapping, no highlight (or perhaps proper highlight for different outputs like apache logs etc.), and with its own style to differ it from other formatted block." There are a couple of thing about those features that I disagree with, or object ...


Comments are second-hand citizens. If you're really putting that much effort into a comment (that backticks `` can't solve), you should consider posting an answer or making an edit instead. Even chat would be a better option. Remember that comments are subject to clean up at any time, so all that work could really be for nothing unless it's part of a ...

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