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Treat it as code. That's the closest representation of what a user would actually see on his terminal.


There is no formal answer in the formatting section of help for this. Thus at least I feel that the correct way to do it isn't about the format used but rather about consistence within the post. Also another point to be taken into consideration is the readability that can be improved greatly by differing between code blocks and file names if both are ...


Are there guidelines to say "This formatting is bad, this formatting is good?". I don't know of any SO guidelines beyond the basic standard of "it has to be readable." The only standard I know of is that code should be formatted as code. In case there is some bad formatting happening, should someone notify the user to communicate that maybe they ...


I am a fan of just putting it in a code block as the quote seems distracting for program output. I like the form of //Sample code block #include <iostream> int main() { std::cout << "Hello World!"; } Output: Hello World! This way the text looks like it would in the console, but I am not surrounding it with any extra markup. To me this ...


You can combine code and quoting (as your 4th option). I think this semantically matches, because you quoted the code (written in the Bash language) from the terminal. And it's easy to mark actually - just paste -> press the code button -> press the quote button einpoklum@myhost:~$ whoami einpoklum


Sometimes file names are specific commands to be run, and in that instance I think code formatting is most appropriate: netsh.exe show mode.


Option 5: Code with corresponding code highlighting: <!-- language: lang-bash -->     einpoklum@myhost:~$ echo -e "Hello, World!"    Hello, World! It gives: einpoklum@myhost:~$ echo -e "Hello, World!" Hello, World! You can see that the command arguments are highlighted.


That specific example is indeed horrible. Proper English sentences, numbered sequences for subsequent steps to take, bullets or hyphens for unordered lists, would make this answer much more readable. There is a reason that we developed these grammatical/spelling conventions: they help interpret the text. This style breaks these conventions, and therefore ...


At first sight, using code format is appealing. A file name may be thought of as being somewhat similar to code. As @LightnessRacesinOrbit so appropriately puts it in the comments, a file is a "thing that is quoted verbatim from a computer terminal", and thus it (more or less) qualifies as code. Still, in certain cases it may be desirable to have a format to ...


While I think this would be reasonably difficult to detect well, I like the idea and I think it should be looked into. Making people jump through hoops to get to a good level of quality may seem mean to some, but this is how we maintain a better level of quality for the community and the site. I wish there was also a way to stop people cold if they have ...


l o l Here I thought it would be like one, or two bullet points. But no, it was dozens per post. Grammar has met its match. There are no words. Except to say that if you can use a ridiculous amount of bullet points and still pull off getting a significant amount of upvotes the content you are providing must be pretty impressive. While some of the ...


To get *+* You need to escape the * with \ as * is an italics markdown format character. \*+\* gets rendered into *+* Here is the SO help on formatting your post.


Before you get too bent out of shape over formatting, read Jaron Lanier's DIGITAL MAOISM: The Hazards of the New Online Collectivism. An over-simplified, partial summary: Over time, collective endeavors become less and less tolerant of idiosyncrasies and anything that feels like an individual versus the collective. Everything starts to sound the same. Ideas ...


For output of programs, I have adopted the following convention: Output: <!-- language: lang-none --> The quick brown The quick brown Example: http://stackoverflow.com/a/26808009/434551


"Let's have a predefined formatting option for console output, with the said features, i.e. pre-formatted with word-wrapping, no highlight (or perhaps proper highlight for different outputs like apache logs etc.), and with its own style to differ it from other formatted block." There are a couple of thing about those features that I disagree with, or object ...


Comments are second-hand citizens. If you're really putting that much effort into a comment (that backticks `` can't solve), you should consider posting an answer or making an edit instead. Even chat would be a better option. Remember that comments are subject to clean up at any time, so all that work could really be for nothing unless it's part of a ...

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