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Stack Exchange does not provide any "widgets" other than the user profile flair. If you want to use the Stack Exchange API, you can check if there's anything in there that will suit your needs. Additionally, at the bottom of every user profile page is a link to an RSS feed for that user's activity on that particular Stack Exchange site:


If they're simply doctoring up their flair image, the intent might not be nefarious, depending on how egregiously inflated they've made it. It could just be a joke. Even if it's not, there's very little reason to care about things people put on web sites that aren't true - if the reverse were the case the Internet would implode. Now, if you see our logo ...


Nothing. This is very easy to check and really affords them nothing. If someone checks on them, they will know. And if they don't, they don't. As xkcd illustrates...

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