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Because caching. Depending on where you put the image, the file could be requested a lot of times. Generating the image is a relatively expensive process (in terms of CPU time) so in order to avoid overloading the Stack Exchange servers, flair images are cached. If you want people to check your current up-to-the-minute accurate reputation, then include a ...


Probably because it would be too expensive to do constant updates. Generating once a day and caching the result keeps the cost reasonable.


Here we can see that both html flair tags (combine and for SO) are same. Except the href details. Which is just to direct user to related site. As a developer I would prefer to go for reuse code and class and object and what ever which makes easy to change. So I guess they do follow the same. So the ?theme=clean tag must be there for StackExchange flair ...

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