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When you flag a question for closure the system will simply treat it as a vote to close instead of a flag, if you have close voting privileges. Because of this, you're simply accessing the exact same functionality from two different places when you compare the flag to close vs. the close vote pages.


The users in triage marked the question as Should Be Improved, rather than Unsalvageable, which they shouldn't have (it's not salvageable, there's no possible way for us to fix this question as it's just entirely off topic) and that disputed your flag (which it also shouldn't happen, as marking as post as Should Be Improved doesn't mean it doesn't merit ...


For comments like that, either option is sensible from my perspective. I tend to be pretty relaxed about comment flags in general. Obsolete would even be reasonable if the comment was old and had clearly been read by the person it was intended for. Watch out for the comments that are a mix of constructive feedback and a thanks as well though. Finally it's ...


Just because questions have been asked on SO which pertain to a new site does not mean that those questions should be immediately vacated to that site. Flagging these, especially en masse, will probably result in a stern message from a moderator asking you to not do that. The new site will have a different topicality than Stack Overflow. As a result, ...


I would use Unclear what you're asking for this one. Because it's unclear what specifically the user is wanting to do. Too broad would be a fine reason as well, but unclear what you're asking is more appropriate in this case, in my opinion. Although you should always try your best to pick the correct flag reason, when it comes to flagging "as this ...


The most important thing is to write a good comment that explains to the user that he shouldn't do this, and why, and what he should do instead. In particular, what he should do instead is almost certainly create a new question, possibly using share links between the two, and accept the answer that solved his first problem. Next, I'm not sure whether this ...


I fully agree with Roombatron5000's answer. But I think it might be useful to give some more direction on when to use which flag: Unclear what you're asking: Well, it's pretty much what the name says. The standard case is that you read the question, and there isn't nearly enough detail to know what exactly the poster needs. In the worst case, there is some ...


This is status-bydesign and not a glitch. Both "spam" and "rude/abusive" flags go into the same mod queue because they are treat as being of same type. Since you can have only one active flag per post, so the system does not allow you to flag a post "rude/abusive" if you have already flagged it as "spam".


As @rene said in the comments: If you really feel a question needs some more urgency to gets closed (maybe because they are asked in a low-traffic tag) feel free to drop a [tag:cv-pls] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30296314/semi-transparent-box-with-html-css in the SO Close Vote reviewers chat room.


There aren't migration targets for all sites available. If you do feel that a particular question belongs on another site, flag it for moderator attention. But before you do, be sure that the question is not only on-topic for that site, but is well-written and suitable to get an answer.

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