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Yeah it sucks when things get changed after you flag. However, the review process doesn't allow for that scenario. Users are only presented with the option to Close, Edit, or Leave Open. They don't even know they'd be handling a flag by reviewing it. If it shouldn't be closed, naturally they would choose to leave it open, which is what happened and is why ...


There are several reasons that a post might need to be flagged more than once for moderator attention: There might be something else wrong that needs moderator attention (sometimes we handle a flag and move on, not noticing that there are other issues). The post might have changed after the first moderator action in a way that requires a second look. We ...


Yes, that post should have been flagged as spam, and should not have been edited. Spam flags feed back into the automated system to help block such posts. By not flagging you deprive the system of valuable training input.

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