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If it's "too broad", flag it as "too broad", not low quality. You can do this by selecting Flag -> Should be closed... -> too broad.


This is the review task 3 Members felt it needed to stay open: Review completed Aug 20 at 21:39: Noctis Skytower reviewed this Aug 20 at 21:39: Leave Open Hanlet EscaƱo reviewed this Aug 20 at 21:11: Leave Open josilber reviewed this Aug 20 at 20:49: Leave Open and that explains why your flag was declined. If you really think it is a duplicate you might ...


I'm not a Qt expert but my guess is the page views are caused by people searching for Qt cmake QGLWidget because build errors when using those classes seems imminent. If you agree on that your question is indeed nothing more then a typo and I doubt if most viewers of that question actually find your question helpful. Nobody of the 238 viewers cared to ...


That answer should be simply downvoted and deleted, as it just duplicates the code of the accepted answer in the duplicate target. Also, it wasn't marked as a quote, even though it linked to the source, doing so would have increased the chance of getting it deleted. Should you have used a Not-an-answer-flag? Risky, since you cannot point out what exactly ...

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