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You should flag to close it, there are specific flag reasons for such posts. Moderators do not need to be involved here, so your custom flag was declined.


By flagging the newer question as a duplicate, you pushed that question into the close votes review queue. The fact that the duplicate was applied the other way around doesn't mean that the newer question shouldn't be also closed (maybe for another reason or another duplicate). Your flag will be either marked as helpful if the question gets closed or it ...


Nope. The user posted the question as an answer to a different question and then, when informed that it was the wrong thing to do, copied and pasted the output rather than retyping the question or copying the input. Moderators cannot create a question on someone's behalf. What's depressing is that someone suggested an edit that didn't remove the "9 down ...


Mark the old one (with no answers) as a duplicate of the new one (with your answer). Make the canonical question the best one, not the oldest one.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible