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I believe that's almost always due to the answer itself being deleted (by the user, through review, or by a moderator) after you've loaded the page but before you've brought up the flag menu. The flag menu will respond to the state of the post at that moment, and only present relevant options. I usually recommend forcing a refresh of the page at that point ...


Under those nice stats you can see a note: older flags were not recorded helpful/declined These are visible in the list as aged away, but they are tracked in the totals only.


First of all, I completely agree that the button is pointless when a question has been miscategorized in Triage. For now, what you should do is: Click on the link to the question itself Vote to close it there, possibly with a downvote. I agree this button should exist in the H&I queue; this recommendation is for the current UI. Click Skip. ...


Open Triage. Click more details on the flag types: Should Be Improved for questions where edits by the author or others would result in a question that is clear and answerable It blatantly tells you to send questions where the author could fix it to Help and Improvement. In Help and Improvement, they hide the "this queue can do nothing to help this post" ...

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