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This would be incredibly noisy for some users, and generate an incredible amount of noise for moderators. That said, there's value to be had in notifying folks of custom responses to flags, either as a matter of course or as a moderator-controlled option on the dismissal UI. Until/unless such a thing is implemented though, I strongly recommend not ...


I agree with John Saunders' suggestion that, whenever you flag a post, there's an opt-in checkbox to be notified later. This way, users who want to be notified consistently will be, but for most of us, it will be easy to continue to ignore responses to flags, preventing active users from being flooded with noise.


Stack Overflow can't provide the final, definitive solution to a problem of this type, but there is still value in an answer that tells the poster what to do next, particularly when someone else might trip over the same problem. We are a public resource and we optimize our description of the problem for maximum searchability. Vendor knowledge bases, bug ...


Provided that you use your own judgement rather than find reasons to downvote and vote to close merely because there are already downvotes, then, taking your points in turn: Please do visit a downvoted question to see whether it should be closed, and act towards closure if closure is warranted. Many users do not know that even if they do not yet have the ...


Close the question with a custom offtopic reason stating that bug reports should be reported to the vendor.


Very Low Quality basically means unsalvagable junk. Abuse, gibberish, irrelevant nonsense. It's switched off when something is upvoted, because by the will of the community, it's not junk. (It may not be very good, but that's not the same thing - downvote an answer that's not very good). This is a link-only-answer which is a flag/close reason in it's own ...


No, you didn't use the wrong flag; you shouldn't have flagged at all. You should always raise a flag when you see a problem that you can't address yourself. In this scenario, you should then choose the flagging option that best describes the problem; if none exists, you should then choose "other" and describe the problem yourself. But you didn't describe ...


As to 1, you can visit whichever questions you feel like. You should only vote based on the content of the post -- not downvoting because someone else thought it was bad, or upvoting to 'fix' a downvote. (Originally from http://meta.gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/7240/please-dont-misuse-the-voting-system/7241#7241)


You didn't flag the post to be closed as a duplicate, you used a custom moderator flag to say that the question should be closed. It was correctly declined because you used the wrong type of flag. Custom moderator flags should only be used for problems that require moderator attention, not issues that the community can resolve on its own.


We have no means of converting comments to answers. There's nothing we could do there, and the only way your flag could be accepted would be if we deleted the comment. If it has some value, we're not going to do that.


Asking why a flag was declined Coming here to Meta is the appropriate action whenever you run across something you don't quite understand. Always search for duplicate first, though. Recommend closure flags have been discussed many times, and you can usually find an answer to your questions about them. Your specific case You cast a recommend closure flag. ...


so in description of flag I wrote should be an answer, not a comment. That is why your flag was declined. Mods won't convert a comment to an answer. If there was no answer posted, you could have posted it as an answer yourself citing the author who left the comment and linking to his/her user page and the comment they left. And also marking the answer ...


If a question meets multiple close criteria, it's not terribly important which you choose. If one seems to be a better fit than others, or is a bit more specific, then use that. As long as the reason you choose applies though, there is no wrong option.


Yes, absolutely. It doesn't answer the question in a useful way; it is commentary on the problem. That should be clear to anyone who can read English. On the other hand, since it incidentally contains the solution to the problem, reviewers likely thought it would be worse to delete it than to leave it. They don't necessarily see the entire context that you ...


That first question was nearly indecipherable, so it shouldn't be migrated anywhere. I went with "unclear what you're asking". The second was removed by the asker. In any case, Server Fault has very high standards as to what's acceptable over there. Unless absolutely certain, we tend not to migrate things there when flagged. Server Fault was removed as a ...

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