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Flag it for removal. Those sorts of comments are nothing but noise. Their timeline is not our own, and it is unlikely to inspire a quicker answer. It's not a constructive comment, so flagging it as "not constructive" might be better than "too chatty", which I've more or less reserved for comments that contain remarks that are discussing something other ...


The duplication notice is likely repeated there for convenience; instead of making you click through twice to close as a dupe, you can click through once instead. The modal is being reused, as there's no difference between the regular close modal and the one you get when you select "should be closed".


Im inclined to think that a great deal of people found it either offensive or asinine. So I don't see the harm in deleting it directly. In fact I see some harm in leaving it up. I don't believe all down voters were offended. I would suspect the down voting was based on them not agreeing (perhaps with the tone more than the points being made). I don't ...

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