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While this isn't personally identifiable information (as covered by our privacy policy), it's treated as non-public information. Only you and someone with moderator or above access can see your flagging history. It's designed like this because flagging is something we want you to do, if you end up doing a horrible job of it, it's us (moderators and ...


I take full credit or blame for this one. While we've been knee-deep in translations, a few rather ambiguous strings have been catching our attention, and this was one of them. Nothing changed with your flags – it was a simple copy change. Three sites translated this incorrectly, and the very same day I realized we'd have to go back and change all instances ...


It is the UI telling you that the post has been deleted.


Pending seems to be the new active. Perhaps "active" suggested more urgency than was really intended. When I think of "active" I tend to think "Oh, they're working on it now...", as opposed to "pending" which seems to say "They'll get around to it..." Just speculation, but I doubt the change in language signifies any change in function.


From an answer on Meta Stack Exchange: Helpful means a [Moderator] specifically marked the flag as helpful, or the action that you were suggesting through a flag was taken by the community. Declined means that a [Moderator] specifically declined the flag. Disputed basically means neither happened. A [Moderator] never actually looked at the flag ...


Click on the number next to "helpful flags".


It's just a comment flag. It has absolutely no effect on your flagging abilities whatsoever. Mistakes happen. Mistakes related to comment flags are completely inconsequential and you have better things to worry about. Furthermore, comments are ephemeral and fragile by design. We generally never bother undeleting comments by request, even though we have the ...


The link is in the same place; here's my user profile on Meta.SO: But, you won't see it if you haven't flagged anything or if none of your flags have been handled. Here's my profile on another meta site, where I haven't raised any flags: You should see it as soon as any flag is handled, even if it is declined. Here's my profile on a beta site where my ...


Since a lot of questions are marked as a duplicate of this one and there is no explicit answer in this thread: A flag raised during triage becomes disputed if the outcome of triage is not unsalvagable. In any case, even if the post is eventually deleted or closed, the flag stays disputed and will not turn helpful even if it was raised correctly during ...


Under those nice stats you can see a note: older flags were not recorded helpful/declined These are visible in the list as aged away, but they are tracked in the totals only.


Disputed flags mean nothing. They reflect a dispute among peers; there is no effect, positive or negative, on your flagging history in so far as flagging privileges are concerned. That said, if you find a large number of your flags are disputed you may wish to alter your flagging strategy in order to waste less of your own time as well as reduce the burden ...


On SO: http://stackoverflow.com/users/flag-summary/<user-id> On Meta: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/flag-summary/<user-id> In my case, for example, user-id is: 1835379 As @slugster mentioned, you can find this page by clicking the number next to the "helpful flags" label, in your user profile. (In the stats category)


if i dont have any useful flag, then how can i see them? By directly visiting the URL: http://www.stackoverflow.com/users/flag-summary/3937178


Spam and offensive flags are counted separately. You’ve raised 230 moderator attention flags, and you raised 1 spam flag. Of the former, 186 where helpful, of the latter, 1 was helpful (i.e. all). The two tables are separate. The numbers in the first group also add up; 36 + 186 + 4 + 4 = 230. So do the totals in the second group. Once upon a time Stack ...


Eight of your flags have aged away because they sat around for too long. This mostly happens with recommend closure flags. This outcome is not currently listed in the sidebar.


As far as flagging statistics, you can go to the Activity tab in your profile and click on the "xx helpful flags" link under the Impact section. For your account, that will take you to this page. From there, you can see detailed statistics on the flags you have filed and their acceptance rate. Looking at those numbers, I wouldn't worry too much about a ...


On your user profile page, there's a listing for "helpful flags" (next to "stats") with a number next to it. Click the number. If there's no number, then none of your flags have been actioned yet.


The numbers represent different statistics of the post. Left : number of votes Right : number of answers This information is displayed in the tooltip for these numbers:


So you're looking to see how users voted in the review queues, to posts that you either flagged or suggested an edit on? Thanks to @rene's brilliant sql skills, you should be able to find this info using this query Just copy/paste the post id from the url and enter it in the box and click run. http://stackoverflow.com/a/12514383/3041194 ...


Your flag is a "duplicate question" flag. This is fed into the close review queue which currently has over 10,000 questions in it - and has had for some time. This queue can be seen by all users with more than 3k rep - though not all users do reviews. Your flag will only be marked "helpful" when the question is closed - which requires 5 votes (or one from ...


Currently you cannot view that information easily without going through pages and pages of your flagging history.


What's this number near my flags? I see "2" and "1"s. What are they representing? Number displayed on the right side of the post title is the count of answers posted on the flagged question. Reference: What does the little number following “closed” signify in flag history?


It's in the same place - at least for me. Not sure why it doesn't show up on your profile; perhaps you don't have any flags marked as useful yet. http://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/flag-summary/1011527 - This normally would be the link for your flag summary. Currently it's a 404.


You go to your Flag summary page where you can see all your flags and the status. Look for the ones that got declined and the message that goes with it. There is no real UI to review your flags or find the last one that was flagged and caused the message to appear. You might find Flag banned after getting a helpful flag also interesting to read. Do ...


The problem with the spam flag markers (or at least, the immediate problem with them; their styling is kind of screwy in general) is that they have whitespace both inside and outside the marker span: <div class="flag-spam-offensive"> flagged as <span class="bounty-indicator-tab flagbg bounty-fix"> spam </span> ...

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