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Moved to answer from comment: Kill off all of your stack overflow cookies. I've no idea which one does it, but when that happens, deleting all stack* cookies seems to work


This was caused by a white-space: pre-wrap css in <code>. I have removed it for when the code block is in a comment. The change will go live after our next production build.


Stack Exchange sites have some issues with Firefox and cookies; you can solve login problems by cleaning the browser cache.


For the page to render correctly, Javascript and CSS must be brought in from a third party Content Delivery Network (CDN). Chances are, the CDN sites are either blocked for you, or your browser isn't trusting their certificates. In my situation, the problem was fixed by importing the certificate for cdn.sstatic.net. There are other CDNs in the Stack ...


Fix is going out with next build - 2014.11.28.2809 on meta, 2014.11.28.2054 on sites.

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