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You can go to this url: http://stackoverflow.com/search?tab=newest&q=intags%3amine%20is%3aquestion


You can do a search. Type intags:mine or intags:me in the search box to find all posts in one of your favorite tags. You can combine this with other search terms. For example, to only see questions with one of your favorite tags, use: intags:mine is:question


I use a little userscript that does custom tag highlighting: // Different kinds of highlighting function h1(t) { t.css('border', '2px solid red'); }; function h2(t) { t.css('background-color', '#F1E0EA'); }; // Select highlighted tags var specialtags = null; if (document.location.host == 'stackoverflow.com') { specialtags = { 'c++11': h2, ...


Go to your account page from any of the Stack Exchange's websites Under the preferences tab(third from left), select advanced tag subscriptions (at the bottom of the page) You can add new filters or select pre-set once from the right side column and edit it to suit your needs. OR Follow this link and edit your custom Filters.


To be able to see favorite tags you need to be signed in to an account on that specific SE site.


Along with @Reto's answer you can do this manually just by searching for your tags. For instance I have the r, rstudio, and knitr tags favorited so I can do a search with the query [r] or [rstudio] or [knitr] I actually have this bookmarked. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/r%20or%20rstudio%20or%20knitr


Favorite Tags: Questions with these tags become highlighted, formerly known as "interesting tags." Ignored Tags: Questions with these tags are shown faded; they are still visible but less prominent. Checking the "Hide Ignored Tags" box causes them to be hidden completely. (This is done by a client-side script however, so you may notice odd "gaps.") On ...


First of all, ignored and favourited tags are handled entirely in the browser. You can either hide ignored tags, or you can choose to have them shown greyed out. If you configured your account to hide ignored tags, then any ignored tag on a post will caused it to be removed from the view. The whole question will not be shown. It doesn't matter how many tags ...


Yeah, this just changed: I would have thought this area should behave just like any of the other tabs: Without a favourite tag selected, questions with my favourite tag(s) will be highlighted With a favourite tag selected there won't be any highlighting m0sa, clearly swayed by the asker's hypnotic use of "u" in the word favorite, ...


When they have an accepted answer the 2 resp 3 will be yellow. Those questions don't have an accepted answer. If you want unanswered questions, check out the fourth tab labeled "no answers". When you're looking for unanswered questions in specific tags, unfortunately you'll have to do that manually: http://stackoverflow.com/unanswered/tagged/$yourTag


You can use the Advanced Search filter: [c#] [regex] [javascript] is:q And then click the second tab 'Newest' Newest [c#] [regex] [javascript]


Go to your user-page, there to your preferences tab, and look at the "inbox emails" point. Options are 3h, 1d, 7d I wonder how you got a shorter interval, or whether you might be mistaken... http://stackoverflow.com/users/preferences/me http://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/preferences/me


Or simply go to your user preferences and slowly build the Ignored Tags list (you can choose whether to gray out questions with those tags or completely remove them). That way you'll have your original home page, but only with relevant questions.

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