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Whatever you want to do offsite is your own business, but the community frowns on monetary bounties for questions. If you see language like this in a question, feel free to edit it out to focus on the meat of the question. If it's in a comment, flag the comment as noise and we'll get rid of it. I wouldn't recommend downvoting or closing a question just ...


You can ask a moderator to remove the community wiki status from your answer. Just flag the answer as "other" and request a moderator to convert it to back normal answer. See the flag link on your answer: source: Remove community wiki from my answer


In my opinion, every post or comment should be, first of all, helpful. If it is not, then it should get deleted. It shouldn't matter if it's funny or not. You've asked if there is a line. And I'd say this line is the question "is my answer/comment helpful?". If yes, then it's fine. If it's also funny, that's even better. But in the first place, here we're ...


As a sheer programmer here on S/O, I believe funny comments should be kept indefinitely, unless they insult a specific group of people like Bill Woodger's comment above: "You still code in Javascript! LOL!" is not acceptable because it degrades a huge crowd of programmers. It would also be insulting to degrade a small crowd (what one may think is impossible ...


I feel a comment, no matter how funny, should eventually get removed. Questions that get a lot of traffic, usually have tons of comments. And a lot of times, users leave very helpful information in comments. So a funny comment just becomes noise in the system.


My understanding is that if the comment is an amusing one-off that doesn't cause the answers to digress from the question, it's perfectly acceptable. It's not advised in the FAQ, but clearly they're prevalent enough that a sort of precedent has been set. "Too Chatty" would be (extreme example) when a user recognises a friend who also commented and says "Oh ...


From the Help Center, When should I comment?: When should I comment? You should submit a comment if you want to: Request clarification from the author; Leave constructive criticism that guides the author in improving the post; Add relevant but minor or transient information to a post (e.g. a link to a related question, or an alert to ...


"How do I consume my product's API with language X?" with my own answer? Such a question would unquestionably be Too Broad. That said, if you can ask appropriate questions, then this is acceptable, but you need to disclose your affiliation with the product when posting about it.


There may be a problem if others are asking for clarification into the matter, but let's get some things straight. Requests for clarification should only be in comments, not in answers. That is, if someone asks you what you're asking in an answer, they shouldn't be answering. Neither you nor anyone looking at your answer later wants incomplete responses. ...

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