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We had a baby. A month earlier than expected, my wife had a baby, and that's why it's late. As the resident 'lord of the swag', certain things collect and ping in documents that only send me alerts, thus a whole lot of stuff didn't happen while we spent nearly 45 days in the neonatal ICU waiting to bring babby home. tl;dr - babby was formed, but not formed ...


At 10k you are given access to the moderator tools, which include statistics for highest voted questions and answers in a period (1 day, 2 days, week, 30 days). That information is not available broken down to specific tags. You cannot change the email frequency. You can use search to get this information, however. Search for a tag with [tagname], add ...


This was an interesting bug, we had a regression in our hot sorting algorithm that is produced by our API. The newsletters consume this API which is why it became apparent in our newsletter emails. Expect the next newsletter to be the highest quality newsletter you have ever seen (I may be exaggerating a bit).


Only if it's relevant to the question and most likely it isn't. Your post needs to contain enough information that it makes sense and is useful without any external resources 5 years later. It also shouldn't contain signatures or tag lines or otherwise tangential information. It seems unlikely that a personal email address would meet that requirement, ...


I don't think there's a rule specifically forbidding this, but I would edit it out on sight. If it's in the form of a signature, it only clutters up the post: Are taglines & signatures disallowed? If it's to ask for help via email, the only person being helped then is you. If you desire so, you can move a discussion to chat, but preferably all ...


Yes. The settings you're looking for are located under the preferences section of your user profile. The first thing you want to look at are Favorite Tags, which can be added from a variety of places, the most common of which is the front page: These tags will show up more commonly in your question feed and will be highlighted a special color to ...


At the top of any Stack Exchange site, click on your profile: Next click on my logins and do whatever you need to do:


I... don't really understand why this is even remotely desirable. Regardless, it's probably something you should work out on your end - we probably don't need to be sending more duplicate emails.


If you can still log in to your old account, do that. Then go to your profile page and click "My Logins", in that popup, click "add more logins...". Then add it. Otherwise: Use the contact us form (in the footer), select "Merge Accounts". You will need links to both user pages.


Just after posting this, I received the email. I analyzed the header and it does look like there was a 2 hour delay from when the message was generated until it was received/accepted by google. I can't tell which end that was due to. Maybe someone at SE will find this header analysis useful. Edit: I had another instance today, still seems to be a ~2 hour ...

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