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As shown on the moderators list, the new members are added to the group. In this case, in 2015, one moderator decided to step down and was removed. I also point you to the accepted answer and discussion on Should Community Moderators be “elected for life”, or have terms? (on MSE). It states, in part, that replacing moderators instead of accumulating them ...


There are two unusual things I passionately wanna do right now: 1) Cry 2) Give a lizard a big hug! Well done, Mr Bill. I'm aspiring for those big shoes of yours. Hoping to get there before max_execution_time! Image downloading... <img src="big_lizard.bmp" width="inf" height="inf" /> (Sorry sir, my tribute lizard image is too big to fit here, or ...


Dasvidaniya Bill Thank you so much for your service and work here from last many years (even before when I was not born on SO) and also good luck for your new adventures. And of course many many congratulations to our new moderators :)

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