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Can we either improve the requirements on incoming edits or decrease the rep gain for example upvotes? or remove the rep gain altogether.. Let documentation be written by people who are genuinely interesting in creating good documentation. Not by people who want to earn rep. As an argument against "if people are not given rep they won't contribute", ...


The Hyperinflation of Reputation caused by Documentation #alliteration As Tim addressed, I believe the rep gains should be removed all together, or at least seperated from the main SO reputation. Beyond the issues of reputation no longer truly representing the "trust placed in you by the community," allowing these massive rep gains for trivial changes will ...


Another take on this would be to award reputation only once per accepted edit. For example: guy/gal edits content content gets approved 2-10 rep gained stop This is similar to how edits on posts are made. This also removes the need for the whole voting system on Documentation (which looks awkward to me).


Currently, you're limited to 30 reviews of proposed topic changes per day.


I have tagged the asker so he could see the edited answer, but is there a way to grab the attention of downvoters/commenters on my answer to the edit I made? Since downvotes are anonymous you can't. Don't make a drama about a single downvote here please. If your answer is good, it will be upvoted over time. Also the question is too broad and doesn't ...


When a post is deleted, all reputation gained/lost (by the author through up- and downvotes, and by other users through approved edits) is reversed. So, sadly, you will lose the reputation you might have earned. This might seem unfair, but your 'contribution' to the site is lost, and so is the reputation.


Yes, the edit is acceptable, but it is only a small improvement to the post. The author of the post has a binding vote to approve/reject the edit (and can also rollback the changes later). I wouldn't start an edit war, by re-submitting the edit, about something minor like this. There are a lot of other posts around which do require editing to be useful.


The criteria for edits are mentioned in the help center: When should I edit posts? Any time you feel you can make the post better, and are inclined to do so. Editing is encouraged! Some common reasons to edit are: to fix grammatical or spelling mistakes to clarify the meaning of a post without changing it to correct minor mistakes ...


There is another question with the same title already. So the real question is not: why am I seeing this error message, but why didn't the system detect this when the question was posted?

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