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Yes, this sounds like poor behaviour to me. On the one hand, taking an existing answer and building upon it for a "more correct" or "more thorough" alternative is encouraged, even if the author of the new post is the question's OP. On the other hand, this isn't that. It's just childish. The edit clearly changes your intent while not substantively adding ...


While it may be a "gray area" to some, to me this is situation is pretty cut and dry. I dislike what was done, and strongly disagree with simply copy paste remixing an answer for some petty reason. I believe that a custom moderator flag would be appropriate in this situation, even if it does get declined. Further, I think that bringing it to meta was the ...


what credit is going to be given to that person when the answer is being upvoted? The person's name appears in the edit history of the answer, but when the answer gets upvoted, they generally speaking don't get any rep. However if they were below 2k reputation when they made that edit and it went through a review queue then they get +2 reputation ...


I have just changed it so that: Just clicking in the preview will focus the editor, as before Selecting text in the preview will do nothing, so you can copy it Hope that helps! EDIT: Completed the whole thing, now the editor isn't focused either when clicking Show code snippet, Hide code snippet, Run code snippet or Hide results.

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