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If you feel like your edits were widely better than the final result, then yes, go ahead and suggest the edits again. But if your edits were sligthly better then let it go and go ahead with another task. Always bear in mind that this kind of things just happens: you do your best editing a post and somebody screws it up making it worse. It happened to me ...


First part, what the editor should have done. If you change a question, there are broadly two valid cases: You clarify it (either as the OP, or using info he left in comments), such that it becomes unambiguously answerable. In that case, it is not neccessary to preserve the validity of any answers, though you should not go out of your way to make a guess ...


I suspect this is far too rare to worry about handling. If it had been a suggested edit by someone other than the OP, I'm confident the edit would have been rejected via the review queue. I doubt that users accidentally deleting the body of their questions happens often enough to need a special way to handle it in the LQ queue.

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