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Yes, bad grammar == bad consequences. Poor grammar makes your question difficult to read and understand. In addition, it makes it look as if you put very little effort into writing your question. Regardless of whether or not this is true, it is what people will generally think. So, people may very well downvote the post for being unclear or sloppy. Some ...


There will not be any major consequences due to not using perfect grammar, no. It's understood that some users may not know English as their first language, so people take this into account. You may get a downvote on your question or a close vote for "Unclear what you're asking", but this would only be if someone can't understand what you're saying -- ...


The red in post diffs just highlights removed words; it does not indicate that any sort of punishment shall ever be forthcoming.


For starters, the first version was more grammatically correct, so if you take away from that, then what you're adding has to be important for it to get approved. Now, it's a bit difficult to tell whether what you're adding is important, because it seemingly comes from nowhere. I'm not familiar with applets, but that code there doesn't seem to have anything ...

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