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The editor for Stack Overflow just doesn't seem to be functional for editing bigger blocks of code. Well, you shouldn't be writing "bigger blocks of code". Save that for your real project. Here you should be posting minimal testcases and I see no reason to encourage the opposite.


Very often answers linking to one of the popular online tools are the bad answers ignoring the specificity of the question. There are too many differences between flavors implementations (and bugs) API (yes, it's often about the functions you might use to get to the goal, not just the expression) And everything changes with the versions. I think this ...


You can use this one, made with the JS snippet feature. You can use this on any answers you want without attribution. Just add the pre-filled content to the //Edit Here section and have fun! "use strict"; var expression_elm = document.getElementById("expression"); var flags_elm = document.getElementById("flags"); var data_elm = ...

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