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40px seems a little tight... I would guess that most users would want to be able to read at least a paragraph at a glance, without scrolling. Looks like 40px would only show one line of text. Anyway... The current box is resizable, just grab the handle at the bottom of the editor. You're probably just going to get a "status by design" on this.


To attempt to "answer" the question: The most likely explanation is: they forgot And since that keyboard overlay it seems they implemented the overlay feature, but they haven't added the shortcuts to the markup help files, or anywhere else but in the tooltips in the editor. It's likely no-one considered it could be handy to have the related keyboard ...


This is unlikely to be implemented, due in part to the amount of dev time it would take to add something that, to most people, would be only a minor convenience. You can, however, use third-party Markdown editors. I like to copy the markdown of a post into StackEdit, make whatever changes I want, then copy it back.

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