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The Clipboard interface name has been changed to DataTransfer, without any backwards compatibility: http://src.chromium.org/viewvc/blink?view=revision&revision=168494 Unfortunately, that broke our feature detection and disabling "paste" on Chrome in the process. The fix isn't easy because though other browsers implement this interface, the ...


Try NOT starting the first sentence with "Hey". I think the first "sentence" (the bit up to the first full stop) is being automatically stripped out by the code that removes things like "Hi" and "Hello" from posts.


jQuery has a tendency to do this thing that I need to ask about. There are some instances where auto capitalization makes no sense. Also, we expect our users to show some level of effort. The next stage would be to automatically ask questions for the user as well? :)


You need a newline between the paragraph and the comment. You need to call close() method on your MessageProducer. As per the Java docs:- <!-- language: lang-none --> void close() renders as: You need to call close() method on your MessageProducer. As per the Java docs:- void close() For documentation quotes, I'd not use a code ...


I replaced the use of a regular expression there with a "startswith" function that does the same. Given that it was an invalid regular expression causing the issue, that's now sorted!


Personally, I don't have much to complain about with the current editor. It's easy enough to write up my code in my favorite text editor (Sublime Text, Notepad++, etc) or IDE, copy and paste that into the text area, highlight the whole thing, and hit CTRL+K to indent it as a code block. Or I just do the indentation in my editor before pasting into the text ...


Thanks for reporting this. I have fixed a JavaScript bug in our Markdown converter code that would treat ordered lists that start with 0 as if they started with 1 for preview purposes. This will be live in the next build (newer than meta: rev 2014.9.19.2585, q&a: rev 2014.9.19.1875). IMPORTANT EDIT: It turns out that I lied. After speaking with my ...


No, this is not a bug but by design. The OP used the wrong syntax, that is all. Normally, you'd get links like: * [link text][1] * ![image alt text][2] [1]: http://example.com [2]: http://example.com/image.png Note the numbered link targets, each coupled with a link text before it; images are just a special form of this syntax. The link targets are ...


Thank you for reporting this bug. I've fixed the issue and HTML entities will display and evaluate properly in the next production build. (meta: > rev 2014.9.23.2598, q&a: > rev 2014.9.23.1885).


Highlight all the lines you wish to convert to code, then press Ctrl K.


Not a bug. Indenting after a list continues more paragraphs in the same list item: A paragraph. Another paragraph in the same item. Another item. If you want to put a code block in a list item, you must use an additional level of indentation: first, to say you want to remain in the list, and second, to say you want a code block. A ...


One reason not to do that: as far as I know, the automatic quality filters also take these things into account. When auto-correcting lazy question askers before they post their question, then that part of the filter won't work anymore. (And in general I don't like site-specific "enhancements". If I need some specific behaviour, then I search for a browser ...

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