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We already have 154 questions tagged relational division and probably many more on the same concept that have not been tagged. There is no need to create yet another QA pair. Just look at the top voted answers in the tag. I'd personally go for this one as the answers show many different ways to skin the cat. And perhaps edit the question to make it more ...


Consider posting yourself a canonical question using the description you gave here, as it is quite synthetic and very clear: Consider this table: | student | course | +---------+---------+ | Adam | Math | | Adam | Science | | John | Math | | John | Science | | Jane | Math | | Jane | Physics | I want to pull all students ...


Something I believe individual users can do to prevent themselves from doing this sort of thing is to offer a bounty. In my personal experience, if I asked a question that got low views or an answer that didn't help, I would offer a bounty on it (that is, if I felt I really had asked a good question). If anything, it at least brought more views to my ...


This is to prevent you from adding the tag, then hammering the question. But it doesn't discriminate. If the user adds the tag, you also can't hammer. Hard to say if that's an intended effect.


Hiding duplicates from the results completely would make it much more difficult to track down original questions, as those are not necessarily worded in the same way as the duplicates. The similarity search is implemented using the same elastic search index we have for the search box, which unfortunately doesn't contain data about the original posts of a ...


I am not an expert in that tag, but is seems the newer answer is better than the older one. That would justify closing the older one. A thing that bothers me it that it is closed by the one answering the newest question which might feel like closing for this own benefit (I am definitely not say he did! Let him clarify. I just pinged him so he knows about ...


A long time ago, the duplicate links got edited into the post by the Community user, which also meant they could be edited out of the post without actually reopening the question. I've rolled back the edit that removed the duplicate link from the question.


I believe any non-trivial reputation gains (in my opinion larger than 2, or maybe even 1), might encourage "witch hunts" of sorts. For example, after a question has been downvoted once or twice, and the first comment on the question is Possible duplicate of [some question], users may instinctively flag it as a duplicate on the basis that others will ...


I believe this is a good idea and will result in a cleaner SE, a SE closer to the ideal one where you can always easily find the answer you're looking for. I'm tired of seeing so many poor questions where there is already another one being asked in a perfect manner and has been answered! But I have to walk through a pile of duplicates to reach the answer. ...


Frankly speaking, the term appropriate duplicate is kind of relative. I ran into this question today. I've closed this - not as a duplicate but as too broad and I know that there are several duplicates of this question on SO. Now the question is why?. Because I didn't find the answers to other questions directly answering what the OP wanted. Lets just face ...


Yes, two identical questions can have widely different answers. They're still identical questions. It's just the same as any single question can have widely different answers. What's more problematic is if two (or more) apparently different questions have the same answer. Then that's an indication that the questions are duplicate, but it's not sufficient ...


Most importantly, if it deserves to be closed then by no means should you be clicking the Leave Open button. Then the question is just one person closer to actually being left open. Secondly, when reviewing a question in the Close Votes queue, you are reviewing whether the question should be closed. You are not agreeing or disagreeing with previous close ...


Vote to close as a duplicate of question C. Simple as that. You don't have to pick one of the existing options.


The initial question has the bounty, but the new duplicate question is written better and has more information. I would open a moderator flag requesting that the bounty be refunded and the initial question deleted.


That's plagiarism. Just other flag the question for moderator attention, explain that the user appears to of just copy/pasted an already existing question and posted it as his own. Include a link to the question the user copied.


On meta, any question can be marked duplicate of any other without restriction (aside from cycles). On main, the duplicate-target must be answered or by the same author.


You can edit the question to clarify in what way it is different from the proposed duplicates, and why the answer(s) to the proposed duplicate don't answer your question. Even if that information is there, if people are still thinking that it is a duplicate, those points may not be clear enough, or not given proper emphasis. You can also reply to the ...


My two cents... If a question is asked properly, it should not get downvoted. A question should be downvoted only if it is of poor quality. If the question is a duplicate, it should be closed as a duplicate. The quality of a question and whether it's a duplicate are two orthogonal properties and should be treated that way. Downvoting a question simply ...


Should I go on and create a new question anyway, maybe adding a link to the other question? Since your question is not identical, that is what you should do. Place extra focus on explaining why that answer isn't good enough and what makes your question different.

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