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We already have 154 questions tagged relational division and probably many more on the same concept that have not been tagged. There is no need to create yet another QA pair. Just look at the top voted answers in the tag. I'd personally go for this one as the answers show many different ways to skin the cat. And perhaps edit the question to make it more ...


Consider posting yourself a canonical question using the description you gave here, as it is quite synthetic and very clear: Consider this table: | student | course | +---------+---------+ | Adam | Math | | Adam | Science | | John | Math | | John | Science | | Jane | Math | | Jane | Physics | I want to pull all students ...


This is to prevent you from adding the tag, then hammering the question. But it doesn't discriminate. If the user adds the tag, you also can't hammer. Hard to say if that's an intended effect.

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