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The only way this would be wrong is if you were upvoting a wrong answer or closing a question that wasn't a duplicate. So... Don't do those things. If you've good reason to believe the answer answers the question, then up-vote it. You should probably do that anyway; that it also allows you to do something else doesn't make it wrong.


Is it wrong to upvote an answer to a question just so you can close another question as a duplicate of it? (my emphasis) Yes, of course it is. But it's never wrong to upvote a good answer. So if the answer is good, upvote it. If that also lets you close a true duplicate, fine, but closing the duplicate shouldn't be the only reason for upvoting the ...


This is a relatively new feature, in which the OP has the ability to agree with a duplicate close vote. If they do, the question is then closed immediately by Community. Given that the user actually agreed with the duplicate, I don't see the need to revert your flag. Of course, if you or others feel that it was in error, then you're welcome to cast a ...


Let's use Why doesn't calling a Python string method do anything unless you assign its output? (I picked this and renamed it from "python string replace" since its answer is short and to-the-point, and it already has many upvotes)


Moderators have a tool to deal with this type of sitation: Merge From Handling Duplicate Questions (emphasis mine): These sometimes have multiple good answers attached to each question. We will use our new moderator question merge function to merge them together without losing any answers or comments. Here is a screen shot of the moderator merge ...


Why and how is your dupe better? Only due to the answers? Then just ask for merging. The old one is still the master, unless it has no valuable answers. Only due to the question itself, the older has better answers? Then just edit the old one, and consider flagging for merging. Better question and better answers? Ok, just dupe the old one to the new ...


You can remove that from any question you see. It's simply noise. If a question is a duplicate, readers should be voting/flagging to close without being told. Nobody needs the author's permissions to vote/flag to close.


You can't. Once cast, you can only retract a close vote. You cannot re-cast or change your vote. If you can only flag, you cannot even retract that flag. You can make it clear in the comment you mis-flagged, or you can try and get some help in a chat room. Talk to people familiar with the tags and they'll probably close the dupe for you.


If the "canonical" question has no answers of value at all, then it shouldn't be eligible for being a duplicate target in the first place. There needs to be an answer with a positive score for it to be a valid duplicate target (some exceptions apply). It should also not be marked as a duplicate if it doesn't contain an answer that answers the question. If ...

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