This tag is referring to the process of identifying and dealing with answers that are exact duplicates of another answer.

If you are considering whether to post a duplicate answer...

Don't do this. Instead, post as explained here:

I recently posted another answer that addresses this situation:

copy of answer in a blockquote tag

Include something explaining how the answer applies to the OP's specific situation at either the beginning or the end of the post.

There are a few things to note here:

  • Link going back the original source
  • Block quote used for copied content
  • Custom text addressing the specific question

If you spotted a duplicate answer made by someone else...

Follow the guidance provided in answers here: Why flagging duplicate answers is waste of time?

Duplicate answers... are perhaps indicative of duplicate questions...

Depending on whether content is copied by the same or different author,

the system automatically flags duplicate content by the same author, so no, you don't need to flag it.

If you see duplicate content by different authors flag it, we're probably dealing with plagiarism which is a very serious issue... The system... doesn't automatically raise flags for this.

Copied from: http://meta.stackexchange.com/tags/duplicate-answers/info

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