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In terms of the effect on "visibility" or page location, the total score is all that matters; it is as if no votes were cast. In fact, until you can see the split vote totals, you'll never see the difference between a +5/-5 post and a 0/0 post. Because the reputation effect is different (+10 for up (+5 on questions), -2 for down), the posting user will ...


Another thing to note is that when you get to 1000 rep on a Stack Exchange site, clicking the votes of a post will show you the ups vs downs:


The old question you linked to is so clearly written I can understand the entire question from its title: from list of integers, get number closest to a given value What's more, it's presumably something that many people have actually wanted to do, given that as of today it's received almost 12000 views. The fact that it's clearly titled will have ...


I don't really think so, this does however force you to think twice before you downvote something, is it really worth it? Also people don't just randomly downvote every answer on the site without any penalty.

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