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You have given an answer, that though is a solution to the question, if used is actively harmful, in that it opens up the OP to security problems. As such, it was downvoted. That's absolutely right and fair. If I see an answer promoting bad practices, I will downvote it. So should you.


The sites standards have certainly changed over time; the post from 2012 would almost certainly not get 12 upvotes today! Its also not the "worst" old question out there. Yours wasn't great; or terrible. Sitting at -1 right now, your score reflects that. That said, the past isn't an excuse anyways, so to the actual question of "Is the bar too high?" I read ...


You describe a problem, no doubt. It's a problem I've talked about before. The crux of the problem is this: Questions that are allowed are the same as day one, but the community now discourages questions that do not show research effort. The distinction is important enough to restate: You are allowed to ask questions that aren't welcome by the ...


Don't worry, the script will catch these blatant serial votes... once it runs. As @bluefeet noted in her comment - these run nightly, not continually. If after 48 hours they have not been reversed, then take it to meta ;)


While some parts of handling vote fraud are automated, the main defense against any abuse of the voting system is manual intervention by moderators and SE employees. If people coordinate vote fraud on a larger scale, this will inevitably be detected at some point. And then you have an actual person investigating the situation in detail, not any automatic ...


The old question you linked to is so clearly written I can understand the entire question from its title: from list of integers, get number closest to a given value What's more, it's presumably something that many people have actually wanted to do, given that as of today it's received almost 12000 views. The fact that it's clearly titled will have ...


I do not agree with any of the solutions involving somehow making downvotes no longer anonymous and/or leading to flags. This is not because I want to keep on downvoting all the things (you can see from my profile that I do not), but because I do not think it would be beneficial, and really that topic has been beat to death. The other aspect though I can ...


The fact that your answer contains a syntax error certainly isn't helping.

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