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Better is to custom flag for moderator attention - explaining the copying and providing a link to the original. Both copying someone else's answer and posting the same answer repeatedly are not allowed.


This actually happens quite a lot. Downvote, flag and comment so that other users can see it's a stolen answer no matter how good the actual content is. Sometimes a bad user provides a bad answer, sees a good answer shortly after and copies it. In this case it's really hard to know or prove who wrote the original answer since the timestamp says the bad user ...


There are two ways I would recommend when trying to view a deleted question when you have less than 10k. Go to archive.org and type the URL in the Wayback Machine. or Go to google.com, type the URL (stackoverflow.com/questions/16416213/jpa-how-to-do-it) and then if it comes up, don't click on the usual link, but click on the down arrow to the right of it, ...


Going on the comments below your answer, it is likely someone flagged your answer as Not An Answer (NAA). This explains the downvotes too. A cause for this might be the way you formulated your answer. Generally it is best to stay away from posing questions in an answer, since they might be confused by 'another question'. So instead of 'Does this work?', ...


Downvoting is your choice - feel free to downvote any answer you don't feel adds any benefit to the site.


All voting on Stack Overflow is anonymous and we don't ask people to justify their votes. You can't find out who voted on your posts or why they voted the way they did. Have you considered that your answer might be wrong? It was probably because your initial version was nothing more than a sentence and a link to another site: ...


I would do all of the things people have suggested here, not just some: Flag for moderator attention. Probably using the custom/other flag, with an explanation that this is plagiarism, and that also points the mod to the other instances you've already done the hard work of finding so the mod won't have to repeat that work. Downvote, because it's not adding ...

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