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In answer to your question here, you can delete the problematic question, improve it, then undelete it again. But make really sure it is worthy of being undeleted. In response to your comment: i thought about deleting and undeleting, but i somehow assumed this was misuse of the feature and there was some "penalty" for it. But okay, I'll do that ...


I see four possible solutions: Delete the misunderstood post and create a new one. Make sure the new post is clearer so that people will understand it well. Freeze the post while you fix it, to prevent more downvotes. As @James explained, you can delete your post, improve it, and then undelete it. Fix your current post, without freezing it This has the ...


I'm going to play devil's advocate here... There are plenty of times where users deliberately incite the mob and then come crying to meta about how it isn't fair that the mob responded. To be clear I'm talking about users who go off on a rant about some perceived injustice, when in reality it is more of a: "I don't adhere to the communities guidelines ...


A good idea is to quickly leave a comment saying: Seen that, the problem I have is different. Working on an edit to explain further. You'll still get a few bad apples who downvote even after you've said that, but doing so really goes against etiquette; there shouldn't be enough like that to be a problem.


As pointed out by Mat in his comment on my question: This post on Stack Exchange's Meta explains that down votes both given and received do not count towards the earned at least 200 reputation requirement: ...whether you cast or receive them [down votes], they will no longer deduct from your daily total towards Mortarboard, Epic, and Legendary.– Jarrod ...


Prevention is better than cure. If you search for duplicates before posting, and find some near duplucates but conclude that your question will be unique, don't just post your question as you originally formulated it. Refer to those near duplicates, explaining why your question is not a duplicate of those other questions.

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