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Simply put, you lose reputation for downvoting any answer; it doesn't matter where that answer is. You may not be competing with anyone else when downvoting, but you are objectively evaluating the quality of the answer at that point. If you feel strongly enough that the answer isn't useful, isn't correct, or just isn't good, then the idea is that you're ...


How can I improve this question given that I feel I have reached the extent of my knowledge? There are good people who will comment on what else you need to add to your question to make it clearer and better. Look for comments that tell you things like, "you need to add this" or "isn't variable1 supposed to be this?" and stuff like that. They can really ...


Of your 10 questions, 50% are downvoted, 30% are deleted, 20% score 0 and 20% score > 0. If you were gonna place a wager on the outcome of your next question, where would you put your money?


What @Mysticial says. Downvote, closevote, move on. Anything else has been proved, over and over, to be a waste of time and/or vampire food. DCV takes only a few seconds of my time. Anything more and you invite insults, 'nazi mods' meta questions, revenge-downvoting and general nastiness. Your bullet-points are noticeably missing 'absolutely shit question', ...


There are a vast number of people with the right to downvote. Every so often, one will fly over your head. There is no possible way to change this. Having a thick skin is, for better or worse, required when asking the entire internet to help you solve a problem.


After all your ranting, I believe this is your actual question - Why do people love to down vote? I am happy to answer this - I love to down vote bad questions because it helps make SO a better resource for everyone. I'd much rather be helping people who put some effort into writing great questions than what amounts to trimming weeds in the ...


Some people object to answering bad questions. Such a person might downvote all of them. I don't think that this is officially discouraged. For the record, it wasn't me this time.


If there is someone downvoting all of your questions there is a script that is run daily to check for serial voting and it will revert any serial voting that it detects.


Supposing, for the sake of answering your question as posed, that the quoted reason: I am competing with other answerers for the precious repz, so there should be a cost for me to downvote is indeed the reason. Then there is no difference between your own questions and other questions because you can answer your own questions. So you are competing ...


Working as documented. http://stackoverflow.com/help/whats-reputation Quote: "You lose reputation when: among other points... you vote down an answer: −1" If the question gets deleted, you get the point back.


For example, this post gets downvotes, i hope it'll take -20 at least. And why? One of the reason the four points you mentioned as down-vote reason.Also down-vote at meta and original site is different. Why people often downvote without any comment If I see question is not helpful/simple search can give its answer/hard to ...


What that question is really asking for is not a confirmation of correctness or a code review but an explanation of the error. This is explicitly in the question now, but was certainly a requirement of a good answer even when the question was first asked (unless you are taking the question ridiculously literally, in which case the answer could just have ...


Your argument seems to be that the only reason for downvotes costing rep is to stop people from abusing it to win at rep. So it's not needed in a case where it wouldn't help you win at rep. However, making the game of winning at rep "fair" is not the primary goal of many of the site's rules. Having your answer down-voted doesn't feel good, if you did ...


The real problem with this question is that it's entirely too broad. The fact that no one commented is that simply no one decided to. For those < 10K, here is the question verbatim. What would be the best/easiest way to create a table within HTML with the ability to select rows? Similar to dataGridView in DotNet-Win32. Would be used with ...


When you start typing the title for your question a list below the title will be automatically populated: Of course there is no guarantee that the list is complete, your question can still be a duplicate of a question that doesn't appear in the list. But the list is a good start - especially when you combine it with the related questions list on the right ...


Reading http://stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask is the first essential step in avoiding downvotes. Well written, documented and complete questions normally don't get downvotes even if they are common/duplicates.

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