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Think of Stack Overflow as a shared resource, like a road. Roads are great. They enable quick and relatively safe travel between many destinations, and everybody loves having them around. But if you want to be part of the road community, it is your responsibility to figure out how to do it correctly. If another road user honks at you (downvotes), you need ...


Here's a candidate (found by forking @Makoto's query and allowing specialisation by tag) This is -27 net answer (+13/-40) to a popular (+595) question. There's a very good reason for it being -27, it basically advises calling exec on an arbitrary string - a real no-no in Python (as I was reminded in the SOPython chatroom, probably written by someone who ...


Here is a query pulling in the bottom 1,000 questions on the site. This also pulls in things like whether or not the question was accepted and also the difference in time between when the question was answered. I'd say that there may be some examples there, but they may lurk closer in the "accepted" category than not.

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