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If you see a user with a bizarre pattern of getting large amounts of votes for terrible content, or other weird patterns like them always having accepted answers by specific users, flag and explain what you saw. We'll look into it and act on what we find. In this case, what you saw was clearly a voting ring and all of those votes will be invalidated and ...


If you think that it is a poor answer, or that it fails to answer the question, then downvote it. That's what that's for. The NAA flag isn't for answers that you don't like, or that you don't think are good enough, it's for things that aren't even attempts at an answer.


Given that some of these edits even applied the wrong capitalization for terms, I'd say you're safe to reject most of them. Converting a clearly written title into titlecase is unnecessary, and may in fact make the question harder to read. Question titles don't need to be titlecase, and usually aren't on Stack Exchange sites.


"VLQ flags on questions can only be added when the score is <= 0" AND, as you say, when the question is under review. That makes them basically pointless to cast on questions. The only result of casting a VLQ flag is a longer time to closure than would happen if you just cast a regular close vote. Don't tie the hands of people just because they're not ...


We really don't need a huge process to re-tag 4 questions. Solved. Move on please, nothing to see here. The tag will be removed at 03:00 UTC, when the clean-up script for orphaned tags runs.


When you set a bounty, you instantly lose reputation points. So that doesn't mean that a 40 reputation user can set a 50-rep bounty; instead, the user who set the bounty originally had 40 + 50 = 90 reputation.


I suspect most new users, who are generally also new to whichever subject brought them to SO, also don't know about this feature. It seems like making them aware could help prevent many 'too broad' and 'off topic' questions like "what are good books on x?" and "how do I learn basic concept?" Most of them aren't trained on how to ask questions, ...

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