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It seems like a tabs vs spaces vs newlines diff. If you view the Markdown diff it shows some differences.


I get where you're coming from, but in cases where it's a small change to a large code block, a little explanation and a comment in the code is usually sufficient. Something like: You just need to add property X, like so: .example{ foo: ...; bar: ...; baz: ...; X: .....; /* see change here */ } Property X works because it flobbers the ...


I definitely consider this a problem as well. Here's what I just encountered. The two titles are basically exploded into 11 pieces and the reviewer has to do a mental puzzle to figure out the before and after versions. Sure, it can be done, but it's frustrating to spend so much time on something irrelevant to the task at hand. My suggestion is to never ...


The problem was that when creating the diffs we grouped subsequent newline characters together, so instead of "insert one newline", the diff engine output "remove one newline, then insert two newlines". And "remove something invisible" is shown as removing a space in the diff so you see that something was removed here. From the next build on the newlines ...

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