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Use backticks (`) to create inline code, like this (produced by `this`).


Using the browser dialog is the correct approach. Using an HTML overlay is, as Raeffaele commented, unfriendly to small and/or low resolution devices. It's also unfriendly to screen readers and accessibility, and in general disrespectful to user control over their own browsing experience.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Browsers provide a popup confirmation feature. Why not use it? Why reinvent the wheel?


It is not required to explicitly mention what language you are using in the body of a question, and unless it flows naturally, the information really should not be in the title. That is the purpose of tags. Of course, that's not what you're asking for. You're asking to move the tags so you know what the question is asking before you answer. There's already ...


There is no need for something like that. One should always read the entire question well and also check the tags before posting an answer. If you don't read it well and post a wrong answer, that's your fault for being impatient. There is no need for the tag to be in the question. And, when you take look at the question from the questions page, you are ...


This is fixed with the new profile design.


That already exists, only it's extremely subtle. When you visit a question, your browser will automatically color the link differently. Perhaps there's a room for a tiny bit more prominent a:visited color.


This was fixed in the most recent build.


These questions are generally fine on SO, if you manage to narrow down the scope to a specific problem. You can't ask fuzzy, broad questions to invite for some sort of open discussion, or ask for people's opinions. When looking through the posts that have the design tag, they generally don't seem to be all that well-received, likely because they were too ...


In general design includes opinion, taste (or lack thereof) and many, many options with no definitive answers. That does not fit SO. However, if during the creation of a design a question arises that has a definite answer (How accurate is DateTime.Now?) you could ask that as a separate question on SO.


The answer's ID has to be part of the path, not just in the fragment. Otherwise, the server wouldn't be able to load the correct page in cases where there are multiple pages of answers.


Yes, this is by design. The designer wanted to break up the background a bit and make it a bit more interesting.



Easy enough to fix. With you in the next build.


The original first iteration design was done by Jeremy Kratz, and the original logo was created by Peter Borlace, and was picked in a contest. Some other people have helped out too; listen to podcast #16 for the details. Stack Exchange has since hired an in-house designer, and Jin Yang has been handling the Stack Overflow design updates ever since (the ...


It shouldn't be too hard to check if a user has enough rep to review on Meta, and hide the link if not. There will already be user data checks on that page to know which Review tasks to show us. Although, I'm not convinced spending developer time is ideal on such a trivial issue. Given the plethora of functions and other actual issues/potential ...


Yes! This is umm... status-bydesign and are currently being worked on by the SE developers. This has been mentioned in Meta Stack Exchange where as this question asks for more harder, rarer type of badge to be implied. The moderator here (Nick Craver) promptly declines it with the explanation including this: As a developer: we have enough trouble with ...

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