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At least to offer you the courtesy of something more than merely status-declined, and for those who abhor the effort of clicking on a link (as provided by @Qantas 94 Heavy), it seems that this was raised on Meta Stack Exchange (maybe you were supposed to realise that despite differences between sites, SO in particular, it would be considered a network issue ...


This should be fixed in most cases now. Replaced 'learn more' with an icon due to tight spacing.


Yikes. Thanks for spotting this. Also found that we were over-writing .message-info popovers as well. Fixes for both will be going on out on the next build today. I will update this post with the correct status once the changes are live.


Ah yes. An old ad. With an old Careers logo as well! (The Careers wordmark was moved to be underneath Stack Overflow with our recent brand update, as you can see in the new artwork below.) We've been phasing these out. We did update this ad but this older version apparently did not want to die. Thanks for alerting us. The new one looks like this:


Styling conflict - it'll be fixed in the next build. Thanks!


This appears to be fixed in production. Thanks for the report!

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