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This appears to be fixed (or is about to be). From this answer at Meta Stack Exchange: This was my bad when fixing some localization issues. A fix will be pushed out shortly.


You only get the progress bars if you have 20K+ reputation. Less than that and you see your progress to the next privilege level. Once you reach 20K there are no new privileges so there needs to be something there. Not really sure why you get to see them on a child meta site - though the lack of real rep here might have something to do with it.


(Un)fortunately, IE 9 is no longer in the list of supported browsers on SE. You should use versions 10 or 11 if you continue to use Internet Explorer.


I'm assuming you landed on the mobile site for some reason. It probably looked something like this: There is a link in the footer to switch between the mobile site and the standard site.


If you are using Adblock/Adblock Edge/uBlock, add the two following custom filters: stackoverflow.com##.previous-button stackoverflow.com##.next-button


This wouldn't likely work. Here's why (at least in my opinion): Look at some of the most popular questions. They've had thousands of views, and they've been asked more than six years ago. Many are still active, receiving comments, up votes, and even answers. They are a great help to the worldwide community. What would happen if the background would gray ...


Fellow test subject here. I wrote this userscript to get rid of it. Sort of. It's not perfect (flicker) but... // ==UserScript== // @name remove-nav-buttons // @namespace phenix // @include http://stackoverflow.com/* // @include http://*.stackoverflow.com/* // @version 1 // @grant none // ==/UserScript== ...


This is now fixed, and I hereby assure you that no pixels have been hurt during the fix (it will be live after our next production build).


This seems to have been fixed when the images were switched to SVGs. See for example Meta's logo (in screenshot form): Stack Overflow's logo is pretty much the same:


Use backticks (`) to create inline code, like this (produced by `this`).


Using the browser dialog is the correct approach. Using an HTML overlay is, as Raeffaele commented, unfriendly to small and/or low resolution devices. It's also unfriendly to screen readers and accessibility, and in general disrespectful to user control over their own browsing experience.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Browsers provide a popup confirmation feature. Why not use it? Why reinvent the wheel?

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