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I can't repro this on 10.11.3 (same Chrome) here: It's either Yosemite specific, or something else local on your end would be my guess - either way: a Chrome bug?


As they are more buttons than links, adding role="button" ARIA-attribute would make more sense than making them anchors (if making them regular <button>-elements is not an option for whatever reasons :)) The button role should be used for clickable elements that trigger a response when activated by the user. On its own, role="button" can make any ...


This is now fixed. Answers move up and down when clicking arrows. Thank you for the report!


I've changed the width to 300 and limited the number of ads to 3 per row. With you in the next build. So it looks like my fix broke the current ads - this is being reverted till ads for all sites are ready. Better the ads look right though the preview page looks a bit weird for a while.


I would suggest removing the height attribute from all of the images while leaving the width attribute. I did it with Chrome and it looks fine.


There is a browser extension you can get called Stylish that will let you change many aspects about websites you visit including the font. You can check it out at for more information.


This has issue has been corrected for now. It was tested in IE11. The only way to completely solve this issue is to build out the topbar with widths, margins, and paddings built with box-sizing: border-box, but that would be a large(r) rewrite then we want to tackle right now (but we do want to do this!). So for now, we've reduced the site-icon margin-right ...


Font mapping for the SO sites on Windows is quite atrocious. Just add your own substitution font so the OSX-centric "Helvetica Neue" gets mapped to a font that is less an assault to the eyes than Arial. Fire up Regedit.exe and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes. Right-click the key > New > String ...


I was just about to post the exact same feature request: to highlight questions that have already been viewed. In my questions list it seems there is no indication if I've already opened/viewed a certain question. This question got me thinking about modifying the styling for pages manually through developer console, but you wouldn't want to do that every ...


Within the codebase: The license on SO is currently CC-BY-SA 3.0 with attribution required. That may or may not be changing sometime this year. See that link for a (long) discussion of aspects of that (both attribution and license). In terms of something visible to your visitors, there's no requirement that you give credit publicly, but there's also no harm ...


Thanks, this will be fixed next build (which shouldn't be long)


I don't see why this site can't be made reactive. I have vertical screens so I'm biased, but I feel ALL websites should be able to at least accommodate 1024 width - according to at least 20% of screens worldwide have a width at or below 1024px. And what if someone wants to view SO at half-screen-width side-by-side with some other window? ...

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