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1 - copy and past your code first. 2 - Then highlight it. 3 - click the {} above the input field.


You seem to have achieved it. But for future references, you could either press CTRL + K or click the brackets icons { } above the text area bar or you could open and close < code > < / code>.


It indeed looks like someone forgot to remove the message boxes when a comment is successfully submitted. Here's a simple JS three-liner to fix it: $( document ).on( 'comment', function ( event, postid ) { $( '#add-comment-' + postid + ' .message-dismissable' ).fadeOutAndRemove(); } ); (I didn't even have to use any ugly hacks to detect successful ...


I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but I know how to fix it: Step 1: Remove this CSS style: .post-text a:visited,.comment-text a:not(.comment-user):visited{ color:#0c65a5 } Step 2: Replace it with this simpler style, which does not have the same issue: .post-text a:visited,.comment-copy a:visited{ color:#0c65a5 }


It's FF Din Pro


This is a great feature-request, so we've now implemented returning contrast to normal on hover. Thank you for the idea.


I assume that Stack Overflow is authoritative in terms of the design, that is why I would learn why such a design. Stack Exchange has great developers, but no single software project is going to be entirely authoritative in terms of design. Resources are always limited, and time that could be spent polishing one thing to perfection is often better spent ...


No, that doesn't seem like a good idea because none of the numbers on the question page are abbreviated.


It appears setting the page size is considered a "preference" and is remembered across sessions. I can pass 13 as a page size, and then subsequently any page I visit on meta.stackoverflow.com with a list of questions will have 13. I can even login via a incognito session and once logged in it will display 13 items. So it's clearly saving that somewhere ...


It is most likely that they are using a session variable to store the value of pagesize so that if it is not present in the GET params it will use the last known value in the query. This is a pretty standard operating procedure especially in pagination requests. This is also how the system would know which page of your search results to return to if you ...


You are right that it's not a pure GET request, because the site is not stateless. There are a lot of things going on, and a pure REST interface just isn't useful for an advanced web site. If every state would be sent back and forth in the URL, it would get very complicated and prone to errors. A web page is not just a single resource. It usually contains a ...

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