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Here's a simple CSS fix, from my answer to the meta.SE report: .nav { clear: both } This rule will cause the navbar to be properly pushed down below the announcement. Here's a pair of "before and after" screenshots showing the effect of this fix:    


Unfortunately, I don't know any site in the SE network where you can get reviews and opinions about your site's deisgn. AFAIK there's only CodeReview.SE, but obviously they review code, not design. I think you'll have to look outside the SE network to get a "design reviewed". That being said, if you have practical design problems and can formulate specific ...


We've actually deprecated this page with a recent change to how people get Careers profiles a few days ago. Shouldn't be an issue now.


Here's the necessary CSS fix: .badges-content .rarest .badges-list .badge, .badges-content .rarest .badges-list .badge-tag { vertical-align: middle; } .badges-content .badge-date { padding: 0.4em 0px; /* we don't want to have that mis-aligned either padding matches the one of the .badge (inline-)block */ } The badges ...


Link icon and community wiki: done (next build); crucially, I used the picker tool to preserve the exact shade of green, which is - I think we can all agree - the most important feature.

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