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It is an aspect of the voting system that self-documents. When you click on an arrow, you get an explanation. If it was hidden and you were wondering "Why are there no arrows on my post, maybe there's something wrong with the system and that's why it has 0 score..." there would be no answer for you. Quoting Sam: There is a school of thought in the ...


We should truncate by ellipsis long u... We should truncate by ellipsis long usernames. In a tooltip, we can print the full username in all its glory.


Well, to answer your edit, the reason that the link changed color for you is because you visited that page. Websites typically have a simple link color, and then a visited link color. Link you haven't clicked before Link you have already clicked Now as far as I know, the change of the link colors isn't terribly hard to do. This has been posted about ...


I stumbled upon another bug which I've looked for already in the answers here, but not found. When viewing the upvotes/downvotes, if the up or downvote number is too large the plus sign/minus sign disappears. That looks like 59 upvotes and ... 110 red upvotes?


On the answer editor clicking on the "Markdown Editing Help" button, the spacing between the yellow bar and the text box is incorrect, cutting the text on the first line. Chrome 38.0.2125.122, OSX 10.10.1


Here's a quick CSS fix: .history-table td:first-of-type a[href^="/users/"] { display: block; max-width: 150px; word-break: break-all; } This will cause long usernames to wrap onto multiple lines, instead of expanding at the expense of the other columns.1 Here's a screenshot demonstrating how it would look: Just to be really sure, it ...


Decided to put the results in an answer in case the comments get deleted. I will keep this updated as the comments come in. Browser Version Firefox 34.0 Iceweasel 31.2.0 Firefox 33.1 Safari 7.1 IE 11 Chrome 39.0.2171.71 SeaMonkey 2.30 Konqueror 4.8.4 FF Dev 35.0a2 Chrome 38.0.2125.111 IE 11.0.9600.17420 (updated ...


If you see strange artifacts when zooming in/out, that's to be expected. The sites are designed for 100% zoom level.


Stack Overflow: Hopefully not soon, as there are many bugs still present in the MSO template. I'm sure this is a low priority for the dev team. Super User and Server Fault: Someday... but is there anything even wrong with them? Minor edits only if you ask me. (e.g., the width of the entire page)


BUG: The tags when using inline tag editor have poor margins: Currently, .tag-editor .post-tag has margin: 6px 3px 0 3px;. It would look better with margin: 3px;. The parent .tag-editor, which appears to be styled via js, needs height: 33px; rather than height: 30px;. That looks like this:


You are limited to 30 characters for your display name, however there is no set number of characters that will always display in those boxes. You get 145px of space - the width of the container which contains your display name on a post. Anything that goes past that will simply be cut off. Yours happens to cut off very nicely at the end of a letter - not ...


It appears the issue is that they changed the width of one of the elements, making it look weird on small screens. For example, <= 1024px, the "margin" disappears. The relevant style is: #content { /* ... */ margin: 0px auto; /* ... */ width: 1000px; } I changed it from 1000px to 980px and it looks normal again.


The question you refer to has nothing to do with software design. It basically asks "how can I print" which is way too broad. Stack Overflow is about isolated problems in a codebase. It does not handle larger design decisions nor does it tell you what different libraries or approaches you can use to come to a certain general solution. The former belongs ...


Kerning seems off in the normal font in questions / answers. Not sure if it's the font, the css, or my browser (Chrome, Windows 7). Here's a few examples I found in the question and answers on this post. the c and o in "icons" between the c and k in "luck":

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