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I’d say the code background should be kept, but the blockquote background should be changed. Here are the styles used by Software Recommendations (probably the default for SE sites?), which work pretty nice in my opinion:


These icons all appear to be from the world's largest icon pack for windows 8. At the very least they are very generic although interestingly the particular icon in question is labelled "Stackoverflow" and is part of the "Social Networks" category of icons (the cog icon appears to be different, but they obviously use a little creative licence ...


Why not use a semi-transparent background-color so that nested blocks become increasingly dark? blockquote, code { background-color: rgba(0,0,0,.07); } /* I need the following stuff but I can't hide it from you yet :( */ blockquote { padding: 10px 10px 1px; margin: 0 0 10px 0; } code { padding: 1px 5px; } pre code { ...


What I suggest is: If quote isn't prominent then problem with <code> doesn't even apply. I'd extend same concept to <pre> too (to make it more distinct from a code block) but this is another story... Here it's an example of what I mean (from an hypothetical answer, text has serifs to make clear what's the example and what's this answer text): ...


but that's still gotta be a no-no, right? If Stack Exchange has trademark rights over the Stack Overflow icon, they would have grounds for requiring that the icon be removed from that firmware. Note here that QNAP has a US presence and SE is US-based, so my response here is based on US law. The fact that QNAP has paid for the icon set and has a license ...


You must admit anyone could come up with graphics similar to Stack Overflow's logo for various reasons. I remember seeing nearly 20 years ago when I did some graphics design a graphics that is extremly similar to current Stack Overflow's logo. The design was something related to organizing papers... In fact, I am 100% sure some company specialized in ...


Adding to @unor's answer, Software Reccomendations (among other sites) has not only got the difference between quotes and code blocks right, but also nested quotes and quoted code blocks right.


This is fixed and it will be out in the next build (#2568)


You are using Opera mini, which is not supported. See Which browsers are officially supported? And what else do I need? and Unable to start a bounty using Opera Mini. The issue is just not present in mobile browsers that are supported, nor in supported desktop browsers.

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