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If you're not satisfied with the Stack Overflow theme (it is rather dull compared to some of the newly graduated sites), you can always create your own User Stylesheet / Injected Stylesheet (depending on which browser you use). Something like this – just changing a background color – is rather easy to apply and might be a good introduction in ...


Pushing a fix for this. Should be live in the next production build. Thanks.


In fact, I have reported it in the first stage of private beta. (when the documentation resided in, now redirects to Stack Overflow). Looks like out private-beta posts are somewhere in another universe, probably they will appear with the public beta launch. So, this happens with those floating tips enabled - if you disable ...


Investigated a few things: We've updated the fields here to be more consistent with dashes where the dropdowns are. We're okay with the cutoff on the dropdown for how many developers since it becomes visible upon click. We'll also look into making the favicon consistent across both sites, but have to do that in the future.


This issue was fixed a few weeks back. Due to the way /jobs is integrated with SO we were picking up the SO stylesheet and not using the offsets used by the /jobs stylesheet. All this was the result of adding another network site that changed the underlying sprite.

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