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Eww, that looks as if somebody just took a bitmap image and fed it through a vector tracer without bothering to check the results (or redraw it properly). Here's a nice hand-optimized pair of SVG stars to replace them with: <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" width="80" height="30"> <path ...


The color was changed because orange is Stack Overflow's primary brand color. Maroon red is not the brand's primary color.


This will be fixed as of build 3735 (on MSE/MSO) and build 2858 (on other sites).


A few reasons not to implement this: Busy work for developers, with no benefit to Stack Exchange. User would no longer see the actual source of the post they are about to submit. Imgur offers image resizing that works by appending a letter to the filename. Users wouldn't be able to take advantage of that at the time of posting. Users would no longer be ...


This problem is caused by the opacity: .5 which is applied to the entire comment div through .downvoted-answer .comments. The flag window is also affected by its grandparents opacity and this messes with the z-layers. The easy fix is to apply any opacity changes to the individual comment sections instead: .downvoted-answer .post-text, .downvoted-answer ...


As noted in the comments @pnuts is correct. Chains/hierarchies only worked for a brief period, all of the existing ones were created before August 2011.


In the 6 to 8 weeks this takes to implement use the following userscript to add the link to the review dashboard on meta: // ==UserScript== // @name link to main review // @namespace http://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/578411/rene // @version 0.1 // @description link back to main // @author rene // @match ...


Jin, the designer of Stack Overflow, is aware of the problem. It will be fixed. Jin: we're aware of it. we're fixing it. the problem was caused by the dimension in svg has decimal values instead of whole number in pixels. so browser can't pixel snap it


Found the problem: The selector is .rep, styled by this stuff in profile.css: .card.rep-card .rep{ font-size:26px; color:#2a2a28; padding-top:3px; display:inline-block } The root of the issue is an unlucky combination of typeface and font size. Nimbus Sans L at some font sizes (22, 28, 42 pt, for instance) gives this ugly effect.


Fixed as of build 3740 for MSE/MSO, and build 2863 on other sites. Thanks again to Ilmari Karonen for getting to the heart of the issue. The fix I implemented doesn't use the comment event; having direct access to the code that triggers that event, there was an easier way to just make that dismiss the message box rather than having to add an event handler. ...


I agree with your arguments. However, that the capitalisation style reflects (in this case, poorly) on the alleged/false author of the comment, I consider this further evidence that the message should be outright removed. I don't think these comments should be generated anyway. It's semantically the wrong system to use to present that information. That ...

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