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If we look really close we can see it says "50 reputation" in the blank spot. And if we put it into paint and use a fill with color using white we get: So the text is there but the color styling for the link is making it blend in. They need to fix the CSS for the popup. Another thing that could be done is the popup could be made red like other error ...


Eww, that looks as if somebody just took a bitmap image and fed it through a vector tracer without bothering to check the results (or redraw it properly). Here's a nice hand-optimized pair of SVG stars to replace them with: <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" width="80" height="30"> <path ...


The color was changed because orange is Stack Overflow's primary brand color. Maroon red is not the brand's primary color.


Fixed now. This innocent-looking selector made it into our CSS: a:not(.badge-tag, .post-tag) { – unfortunately, that syntax is illegal in CSS3. It will be legal in CSS4, but there's not a single browser that supports it yet. Fortunately it has an easy CSS3 equivalent: a:not(.badge-tag):not(.post-tag) { That's what's in the CSS now, and the link ...


This will be fixed as of build 3735 (on MSE/MSO) and build 2858 (on other sites).


You can "Update" to the full version of the site, to see the shiny gold badge. Just press this button in the site's footer: The whole idea of having a mobile version is to reduce assets loaded over crappy connections. (Although loading a single sprites file is pretty insignificant) In case this wasn't actually a design choice, but a simple oversight, ...


I've changed the code so that if multiple messages are generated by upvoting and downvoting, they will all be shown, in a <ul>. Additionally, the message box won't auto-dismiss in that case, to give you more time to read. This will be deployed as of build 3746 on MSE/MSO, and build 2869 on other sites.


Suggested solution... Rather than extending the box every few months, why not go with the "k" notation, as in:


As noted in the comments @pnuts is correct. Chains/hierarchies only worked for a brief period, all of the existing ones were created before August 2011.


In the 6 to 8 weeks this takes to implement use the following userscript to add the link to the review dashboard on meta: // ==UserScript== // @name link to main review // @namespace http://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/578411/rene // @version 0.1 // @description link back to main // @author rene // @match ...


Jin, the designer of Stack Overflow, is aware of the problem. It will be fixed. Jin: we're aware of it. we're fixing it. the problem was caused by the dimension in svg has decimal values instead of whole number in pixels. so browser can't pixel snap it


Fixed as of build 3740 for MSE/MSO, and build 2863 on other sites. Thanks again to Ilmari Karonen for getting to the heart of the issue. The fix I implemented doesn't use the comment event; having direct access to the code that triggers that event, there was an easier way to just make that dismiss the message box rather than having to add an event handler. ...


This is collateral damage from fixing textareas for FireFox on linux in other popups. A fix has been pushed and will be in out in the next build.


I've fixed the logo dimensions for the offline maintenance pages for the trilogy sites (and their metas). This will take effect as of the next build, which is build 3762 for MSO, and build 2883 for the other sites.


I agree with your arguments. However, that the capitalisation style reflects (in this case, poorly) on the alleged/false author of the comment, I consider this further evidence that the message should be outright removed. I don't think these comments should be generated anyway. It's semantically the wrong system to use to present that information. That ...

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