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I actually really like this. My only "complaints" are: I can't tell what's a link (I wish you guys would just start underlining them). It looks too close to SO (maybe a slightly darker, cozier background?) Biggest one: There is way too much whitespace between one-line comments:


Link text is still unreadable on meta. It looks like normal text unless you've visited it. (Hint: This has been a problem for a while; fix it while you're at it!) The color on SO proper should also be addressed at this point too. It sounds like something trivial, but it's discouraging to link things in answers knowing the OP (and other users) have a high ...


Please change the color of the "close" option on the share this post popup: Also, can we please have better alignment of the scores on the answers tab of our profile page? The highlighted item in the help section needs a new color: The font size in my flag history is weird: The font size on the main site flag history is ...


EDIT: No guys, seriously, fix the links. They're getting a bit too difficult to read. It feels kind of...clean. MSO's got its business suit and tie on, and it's doing its best to impress. But it also feels sterile in some areas. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but some things are going to definitely need tweaking. I'm looking exclusively at this ...


Vote count overflow in the sidebar As seen in this question: Feedback requested: New "recommended" homepage, phase 4 - filters Funny thing is that on Firefox, it only appears like that around the default zoom level. The problem goes away when zooming up or zooming down a bit (but it should be fixed regardless). Jon Skeet's problem (preemptive) ...


It is an aspect of the voting system that self-documents. When you click on an arrow, you get an explanation. If it was hidden and you were wondering "Why are there no arrows on my post, maybe there's something wrong with the system and that's why it has 0 score..." there would be no answer for you. Quoting Sam: There is a school of thought in the ...


The <textarea> for posting questions and answers now uses a variable-width font instead of the traditional fixed-width font. This might not be the end of the world for Meta where we don't often post code (though I don't like it), but it would be totally inappropriate for the main site. Please bring back the fixed-width font.


Can I haz borderz around tag scores? With current design, such a look would be very good: Answers with score <-7 are no longer greyed out. But should be (?) Beep. Buggy tabs: Selected and non-selected stars have slightly different designs. Also, text (number of starrers) under selected star is normal, while non-selected star has bold ...


I like it, especially the black and white look of the icons in the answer-editor. One thing that still irritates me (and I know it's a huge thing to fix) is all the wasted whitespace. I run at 2560x1440 and I run Chrome in fullscreen, so I might notice this even more because of that but still the main column with content is only 728px on my screen. (Yes, ...


(I'm using Firefox 31 on Windows 7) Could the vote counts for questions and answers be moved to the right just a little? They seem too close to the left edge of the page. Here is an example of how they currently look: I propose that they be moved just a little to something like: As you see, the vote count is now centered between the left edge of ...


Review is... kind of broken right now. Note the title and body are offset, and the question info table is way down at the bottom (too far down to get a screenshot of). The review history page also looks weird: The titles are bold... which seems out of place. The questions that are deleted are normal size, making it seem way out of proportion. ...


For the comments section's font I prefer the existing one. In the new theme it seems little unreadable to the naked eye. Old design New design


Would it be possible to get improved code block and blockquote formatting? Right now, they look very similar. This has been requested before. Using as an example: > This is a blockquote with `some awesome code` in it This is a codeblock This is what it currently looks like: It would be great if something like this were implemented: This ...


No. I do not like the new style. The main page is better. Maybe links are too little highlighted, but I like the red mouse-hover. The input box sucks. I do not like vote counts. Everything is too spaced out. The flag summary's new style is useless.


It's too gray. I understand that meta aims to be visually different by being more gray than the main site, but this is just too much. The contrast of some areas is very bad; for example take the placeholder texts of inputs. They're barely visible. Similar, the link color is hardly distinguishable from text color. This might look great in theory and certain ...


On the revisions page, there are arrows missing that indicate a revision can be expanded/collapsed. Is this intentional? Meta: Vs. SO


The "Ask Question" button and the question-filtering buttons should not all be grouped together. They are for unrelated purposes and grouping them all together hides the "Ask Question" button from people who ignore the "big group of buttons at the top". Good grouping: The question-filtering buttons are clearly above the question list to which they apply, ...


This has been around for a while, but can we fix the alignment of the comment upvote arrow while updating everything else? Notice the helpful straight line I added - the arrows don't line up when the number in front has a different number of digits.


I was also very shocked at the different looking refresh. A few things I noticed: The "Asked"/"Viewed"/"Active" lines are really far apart. You could drive a car between them. It's at least twice as big as the current spacing on Stack Overflow. The "comment upvote" button is very small. I immediately thought "I'm going to have a hard time hitting that" ...


You need to switch the .question-hyperlink:hover and .question-hyperlink:visited rules around. Currently, the hover is before the visited, so the visited always overrides the hover, which means the visited will never get the hover effect. Flopping their positions would let visited links have the same hover effect. Same goes for the .answer-hyperlink styles. ...


On a Kindle Fire the page is not padded out well from the left side:


The vertical offset for <sup> is a little ridiculous. Here's the relevant css: sup { font-size: 80%; position: relative; top: -0.4em; }


We should truncate by ellipsis long u... We should truncate by ellipsis long usernames. In a tooltip, we can print the full username in all its glory.


The favorite star's active state doesn't have a clean, uniform border. It looks like someone tried to scale the entire shape down... leaving an inconsistent thickness around the edge. That and it looks like there's a leftover polygon in there.


all.css:1:54735: width: 20px; Should be: min-width: 20px;


Yay, less bad! .mainnav's color contrast is 3.37:1. That's too low. Me no can see. Make it 5 at least since it's… the .mainnav. Post body text is kinda big, comparing it to the text in this textarea and the tags and .post-menu anchors. Make the small things less small, and the big post body text less big. The vote count especially should be substantially ...


H2 and H3 are not significant enough in style difference. h1 h2 h3 I've often found myself using h2 and h3 because h1 was too imposing in the past. This isn't as much of a problem now, but the h2 and h3 don't seem different enough. When I've used them in recent post I've found that I need to use (lack of) capitalization of the text in addition ...


Please put the horizontal lines back in the comments section. It did a lot for my ability to scan the comments, and that feature is gone now. If they're still there, please make them more visible.


When editing a post, the tags look dull: just a nondescript grey circle in them (maybe a missing image): Only when hovering the mouse over them do you get an actual image:


Me gusta. Couple of things (note: I'm not a designer, this is just the stuff that I found slightly quirky): Perhaps the buttons (add comment / post answer) should be made flat? They look different from the rest of the site, which was the case in the previous design as well and a bit strange. Now that tags are flat too, I think the buttons should follow ...

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