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No there isn't a way to un-gray a post, unless you use some developer tool. But you are raising a good point here: My eyes are not all that great, I have issues distinguishing certain colors/brightness, it is not that I cannot read them, it is just that is really hard. As consequence I find it very hard to read the content of grayed out posts. ...


Here is a super simple style that will fade the post back to normal when it is hovered. It's using the same selectors that are used to change the opacity and can be easily applied with your favourite User Styles manager such as Stylish. Here is a packaged user style I prepared earlier. The style: /*Transition to full opacity over .3 seconds*/ ...


As a workaround, you may select the text (possibly pressing Ctrl+A to select all). Depending your OS theme, it will have a better contrast (light gray on washed blue on my system -- but YMMV).


I just had this happen for the minimum comment length error as well. My comment was too short when I clicked add comment. I added to my comment without clearing the flag and pressed add comment. It took my comment and the next time I went to add a comment the error showed up. I then tried with a blacklisted link like let me google that for you: ...


Spoiler CSS rules didn't consider visited links, so those got rendered fully. This has been fixed and will be with you in the next build.


We don't really support/encourage using HTML for formatting posts. It often works, but when it doesn't... Markdown is the way to go. The way your question is written right now, it's possible that we're interpreting those tags as "code you're asking a question about that's badly formatted" rather than formatting.


I guess you can refer something like this, How are the number of views in a question calculated? Dissecting the Stack Overflow views counter EDITED: The below contents were shared in the above mentioned link So, how that thing works? Quite simply, as I turned out to be. Every question page has that counter link embedded in it: ...


This looks as expected now after my Markdown diff alignment improvements that I mentioned here.

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