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Related to the answer in here which basically says to vote to close/flag. Current count: 647366 Problem is that nobody views those any longer... They are either outdated or poor and useless.. You can get the top 100 and view some of them if you have too much time on your hand... most of them are pretty bad... Voting to close those also isn't a very ...


The Stack Exchange philosophy emphasizes keeping good content over deleting bad content, so a question can't be deleted if it has positively scoring answers. The question it looks like you're talking about has one answer with +2 (at the time of writing this), so Stack Overflow considers that to be a good answer that we want to keep around on the site.


You can only see a deleted post if you have a direct link to it. You won't find it in the profile of the question asker or listed in searches or tag pages anymore. Your answer will be listed in your personal deleted recent answers list (linked from the bottom of your answers tab in your profile).


The future state of the question should not concern you here. Focus on the answer itself, and if you feel it deserves a flag, then flag it. If the question is deleted before the flag is handled, the flag is moot and it doesn't matter anymore, as the answer will be deleted with the question. If the question is not deleted the answer can be dealt with. Note ...


There's a strong argument to be made for letting you find recent questions that have been deleted - hence the functionality that Lance describes. Stuff that was posted months or years ago? Not so much. Some of us have hundreds of these posts; rubbing our faces in them long after we've moved on is a recipe for grief. Even the introduction of "recent" ...


You can do this. Go into your profile and click on the Questions link. Then scroll to the bottom and click on The deleted questions will be grayed out.


This is one of those situations that should be brought up to a moderator's attention immediately. Flagging is is the way to go, and bringing it up on meta is good in instances where we may not see it if it's in the moderator queue (currently, we have a lot of active flags in our queue). When you flag it, remember the following: Tell us why you're ...

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