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When a post is deleted, all reputation gained/lost (by the author through up- and downvotes, and by other users through approved edits) is reversed. So, sadly, you will lose the reputation you might have earned. This might seem unfair, but your 'contribution' to the site is lost, and so is the reputation.


As long as a user is not trying to delete questions that other users have put valuable time and effort into answering, if a user wants to hastily delete their question because it turned out to be something simple and someone pointed it out in a quick comment (and not in a full-blown answer), let them. Most of these questions are unlikely to be useful to ...


Doesn't look like any of those things happened, the OP just decided to delete the question on their own. I spent several hours working out how last week. I can write a great answer to that question. [...] Normally I would move on, but this to me is a question I would have loved to have answered a week ago. If you think it would make a good Q&A, ...


When I inspect the question history in my profile page, there's a link to activate showing deleted recent questions, and you can actively track down deleted questions using this. Regarding notifications, these are already sent, if some reputation change was triggered from deletion. What is there to stop a high-reputation user from using the deletion ...


When the edit got approved the user was awarded +2 reputation, which does not make much sense since if the post would have been deleted after the edit was approved, the +2 rep would get reverted. IMHO user deserves to get awarded, no matter what happened (or will happen) to the question. +2 rep points are for the editing effort so even if the question was ...


The post was not in the "deleted" state while being edited, because it was visible. The editor has made a fair contribution trying to improve the visible content. I do not see why his work should not be rewarded. The requirement to guess if "makes no sense to edit" seems too complex and unnecessary.


This isn't new. It also manifests in several other places. As Floern said, this also happens on close banners. Unlike deleted questions, anyone can see the names. This was already asked: Further anonymize deleted accounts by changing the username in close/delete notices Not to mention that you are able to see the name in @replies. Information like that, ...


I even awarded the answer a bounty if I remember correctly Have you tried searching for the bounty rep change? There would TWO events, and you probably have fewer bounty events overall. You may be able to use your browser's search functions and just go through all the pages or something. Remember to Better yet Somebody already went through the data ...


This is a request by many people here. For some reason they are hidden from you unless you have 10k reputation. (As a workaround - you can check your browser's history. Deleted questions can be viewed if you have a link to them.)


It's not obvious at all, but you can do this with some creative advanced search if you have 10,000 reputation. Note that this will show you (the reader) your deleted stuff, not the OP's specifically View your deleted questions (user:me deleted:yes is:question) View your deleted answers (user:me deleted:yes is:answer)

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