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This is an unfortunate situation. The author posted an incorrect answer, and got downvoted. He then deleted it, changed it to a different answer (whether it's correct or not I shan't say), then undeleted it. Then he realised that the old downvote was still there, and that he'd made a mistake. He deleted the existing answer and posted the new content ...


I agree, that seems like a good enough update (bringing relevant information into the answer itself), so I've undeleted it. I'll ping the moderator who declined the flag, but I bet it was an honest mistake. I usually see answers that have been edited like this after deletion get undeleted.


If I delete my answer, will it affect my reputation ? Yes, you'll gain back the rep lost from the downvotes, and lose the rep from any upvotes. Well, if you don't do that frequently it might not do any harm deleting your downvoted answers (as I have experienced at least). If you have a lot of downvoted answers and just try to get rid of them by ...


10k+ users can see that post, there is no exception for self-deletions here. That is indeed not a nice post, but they also deleted it immediately. It could have been a (badly misjudged) attempt at humour. You can flag the question and in the other flag alert the moderators to that answer if you are really concerned here.


Yes, I think the deletion was warranted. You say: Not a... link-only answer That assertion is incorrect; it was a link-only answer. It does not answer the question by itself. For the canonical discussion of the problems with this, see MetaSE: Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer? The answer is far from trivial, and ...


You are looking at your Meta Stack Overflow profile which has the same rep but different badges. Your Stack Overflow profile still shows 5 badges.


I suspect the comment you're referring to there was George throwing out an intentionally ridiculous scenario to illustrate the ridiculousness of the problem itself. To recap that discussion: a short (NOT link-only) answer has proved useful, and also motivated the creation of a longer answer which may eliminate the need for the original. George is saying ...


No, we don't avoid deleting things just to prevent someone from losing reputation. I don't care about preserving someone's reputation. I delete plenty of actual non-answers that have been voted up (just deleted an old question that was asked in an answer that had three upvotes on it, in fact). What I do care about is preserving something that others have ...


Part of the problem is that without the link you would not even begin to answer the question. So if the link dies, your "answer" goes with it. Secondly, you just point somewhere else. "Go there, use that". You fail to mention the why and the how. Why should he use it? How should he use it? Show how, when using that specific library, the OP can solve his ...


There were a few reasons why I deleted your answer. Since it's been deleted it is available to 10K+ users only so here's a screenshot. We received a flag on it because you posted the exact same answer to another question. Basically copy and pasting the same answer to multiple questions isn't the proper way to be answering questions. An answer should ...


I deleted this answer because it was a very, very, very bad answer; to the point where Shog9's guidance of 'delete crap answers' started sounding off in my head. Let's break the answer down into its parts (as I saw it from the mod queue): Isn't this due to the different coordinate system used in China to the one we use of WGS84? This sounds like a ...


First off, Shog9 is right. I suspect the comment you're referring to there was George throwing out an intentionally ridiculous scenario to illustrate the ridiculousness of the problem itself. Also, Brad is right. But, since this post is about me, I may as well chime in with an answer. You honed in on one part of what I said; and took it to mean ...


You'll only see posts that were created in the past 60 days, and have since been deleted. From the original post detailing this: [...] we're showing a link (visible only to profile owners and moderators) on the Questions and Answers tabs that'll list the given user's deleted questions or answers, currently limited to those posted in the past 60 days. ...


If an user is doing this multiple times with malicious intent (escape from downvotes), the post ban will quickly catch up and prevent them from continuing this behavior, so these cases don't need need particular attention and can backfire if it turns out to be a honest mistake (like here - do you really think that user deserved all these hate-downvotes from ...


Alright, well I undeleted the two answers that provided links to some code. The third answer that railed about Chinese censorship was rightfully deleted. I undeleted the answers because they might actually contain a solution to the posted problem. Some observations: "Not an Answer" flags were used on these answers. A better flag would have been a ...


When you ask question and someone was gave answer, if that answer is not related to your question or not proper answer then moderator can delete that answer. And only that person can see that answer which have 10K (10,000) reputation with stack overflow profile.


The answer was deleted in response to an "Not an answer" flag from a user; from the moderator console, it did not look like an answer (we don't see images/links when we're processing flags), it looked like a clarifying comment.


Your question has an answer that was deleted by a moderator. You need 10,000 reputation to view deleted posts.


There are sound arguments “for” and “against” but also plenty of precedent for “occasional” being treated differently from “habitual” (eg review bans, serial voting, multiple-posting). Accept if “once off” and damn if recidivism. So in the specific example, accept.


I was too narrow-minded with my searches. Of my over 5000 answers, this was one of the maybe a dozen answers I posted directly to CodeReview. I also found the comments I've responded to, in the platform-wide inbox overview.

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