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I find that alternative answers are always very useful when I'm in need of help and am browsing through other people's questions. The fact is that the top answer only works for me 50% of the time and the alternative answers are great alternative ways to tackle the same problem. Most of my use of Stackoverflow is doing a Google search trying to solve a ...


The post was not in the "deleted" state while being edited, because it was visible. The editor has made a fair contribution trying to improve the visible content. I do not see why his work should not be rewarded. The requirement to guess if "makes no sense to edit" seems too complex and unnecessary.


Stand up. Take a deep breath, and walk away. We're only talking about imaginary internet points. If you have trouble letting go (I know I do), you might want to consider blocking the site until you've forgotten about it. Obligatory XKCD Downvotes are an exercise of free will. You pay 1 rep to take 2 rep from someone else. They (unlike close votes) don't ...


You (mostly) can't control people from deleting their answers. The answerer probably feared that your comment that their answer did not solve your problem would attract downvotes. If you think the answer could help future users, you could ping the user on a different post they wrote, or invite them to chat and explain the situation.


It's not obvious at all, but you can do this with some creative advanced search if you have 10,000 reputation. Note that this will show you (the reader) your deleted stuff, not the OP's specifically View your deleted questions (user:me deleted:yes is:question) View your deleted answers (user:me deleted:yes is:answer)


When I inspect the question history in my profile page, there's a link to activate showing deleted recent questions, and you can actively track down deleted questions using this. Regarding notifications, these are already sent, if some reputation change was triggered from deletion. What is there to stop a high-reputation user from using the deletion ...


If you feel that a valuable Q&A has been lost because the Q and the A are mismatched, you can post an appropriate new Q and self-answer with the same content as the valuable answer that has been deleted. You probably should still attribute your new answer to the original deleted answer -- even if it's gone except to 10K+ members who can still see it. @...


I even awarded the answer a bounty if I remember correctly Have you tried searching for the bounty rep change? There would TWO events, and you probably have fewer bounty events overall. You may be able to use your browser's search functions and just go through all the pages or something. Remember to Better yet Somebody already went through the data ...

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