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I deleted your account. It turns out, based on additional information that we have received from another user, that that was a mistake. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I am working with the Stack Overflow team to get your account restored. Briefly, what happened was this: we had a very large number of indicators that your account was a sockpuppet for ...


If you did not confirm the deletion and you removed the please delete me message from your profile, the deletion process will automatically be cancelled. You don't have to do anything else. Glad to have you stay with us!


This sounds like an enormous nightmare. Either Someone does this for you as a one-off. This seems wildly unfair to everyone else and a lot of work for someone to satisfy your personal whims. OR An army of people are enlisted to do this full-time for every punter with crummy questions to purge and a fantasy public image to sculpt. If it's ok for you, ...


You're right, this looks like a bug related to the account-association process. The previous account was deleted by a moderator as a sock puppet of a currently suspended user. It was deleted in such a way that the system should have been blocking creation of any new accounts from that location for a while. This is part of the anti-trolling / anti-spam system ...


Your account was deleted as a sockpuppet; because together with two other accounts your account voted for another user, not their content. If you are, in fact, an actual person and not a fake account, you need to stop voting for your friends. While we encourage everyone to upvote great posts, the motivation for doing so needs to be anchored in the merits of ...


First of all, deletion requests have a built-in delay, to give you a chance to reconsider. Account deletions are rather permanent, so Stack Exchange wants you to be sure. Next, the deletion request will be handled by a human, an employee at Stack Exchange. That means you'll have to wait for a working day before it can be processed. So, in all, you'll have ...


Sometimes, accounts are just too awesome for the automatic deletion process to complete, and the system summons a human being to do a final check. We don't mean to delay the process, we just don't want to make mistakes, and we'd like the opportunity to at least see why someone with quite a bit of participation left, even if only to dispense diamond justice ...


You requested deletion from Stack Overflow, so the system assumed you were trying to delete your Stack Overflow account because it can't parse the text you typed into the free-form box. If you would like your Code Golf account deleted, you need to visit the Code Golf site and request deletion there.


Your account was deleted by a Stack Exchange employee. The reasons behind that were explained to this user, and that person can probably relay on what they were told. For more detail, and to request these posts be re-associated with your new account, I recommend contacting Stack Exchange directly about this.

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