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This article discusses multiple approaches to serializing a binary tree. In addition, here is a spring 2009 lecture (web archive) given at the University of California, San Francisco by Dr. David Galles. And the question is "How to Serialize Binary Tree?", so yeah, that's not an answer, as the plain text doesn't contain even a bit of information ...


Remove the links from both of those. How do they read? You can do it using inner join. and It's possible using GridLayout. There's more to those answers than just a link. I'll admit, not a lot more, but there is content beyond the links that could possibly answer the question asked. They don't warrant immediate deletion by a moderator, in my ...


I believe you misunderstand the message: it does not say that your last flag was declined because you need to first review, but it says that your last flag was declined and the dialog asks you to first go to your flags page and review the declined flag; check out why it was declined.


I'd argue that the NAA flag is correct here. If the links are dead, then there is no information that can be used to solve the problem. That is, with the absence of the links, the answer is worthless. If I need a way to serialize binary trees, and all I have is that answer--nothing else, no links--then I'm no closer to a solution than I was before I read ...


Here are some search results about "why my naa flag was declined". In addition, here is a video given by Joel Spolsky.

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