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Here's a SEDE query for it. select count(*) / 1440.0 from postswithdeleted p where datepart(year, getdate()) = datepart(year, p.creationdate) and datepart(dayofyear, getdate()) - 7 = datepart(dayofyear, p.creationdate) and p.posttypeid = 1 -- questions It returns the average number of questions asked 7 days ago (because SEDE can be a few days old). It ...


To see all the questions that have currently (well, when it was updated) pending duplicate flags, you can use this query: select postid as [Post Link], duplicateofquestionid as [Post Link] from pendingflags where duplicateofquestionid is not null


Look in the PostHistory table for a "Post Closed" record. For example, see this query. You can't see data about whether it was flagged as a duplicate from SEDE.

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