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Here's a SEDE query for Bounty Investors: Here's another query which focuses on bounties offered on someone else's question:


Thanks to Pekka, I have created the following query and that user shows as number 1 on the list: -- Show top 20 most generous users: bounties awarded -- Minimum of 50 reputation required (removes low rep users, Community and -- sin-binned users) SELECT TOP(20) Users.Id [User Link], Users.DisplayName, Users.Reputation, (SELECT SUM(BountyAmount) ...


To look at this more globally, consider the frequency distribution of all comment scores in the history of the site (SEDE query). In the plot below, comment scores are represented by points, proportion of comments with that score is on the y-axis, and the rank of that score's frequency is on the x-axis (score 0 is rank 1, score 1 is rank 2, and so on). Note ...


Now it appears to be fixed. I just went to the site and at first it appeared with the old image, after a hard refresh the new image came up. Case can now be closed! Thanks stack devs!


this q&a are more about playing with SEDE and not realy about plagiarism. Any unique entry may be plagarised from out of SO. Two identical entries could be made by different people who have not read each other. For example two identical answers to two different question. An entry can plagiarism two or more sources An entry can be 95% duplication and 5% ...


Finding Exact-Match Answers There are two types of plagiarism that can be found on Stack Overflow: exact-match instances, and non-exact-match instances. Of the two types, exact-match plagiarism is relatively trivial to detect: it merely requires a simple equality comparison between two "strings" (or whatever text-field datatype is being used to store ...

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