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For the interested: Now that I run it with users > 1 rep, the numbers seem to be Total Rep | UserCount | Top 10 Rep Total | Bottom 90 Rep Total | Top 10 % | Bottom 90 % ======================================================================================== 450999136 | 1430167 | 392932581 | 58066946 | 87.1249 | 12.8752 Which is ...


The Top 1% of Users have 52.3% of the Reputation. #WeAreThe99%


Answer to the question: Excluding those users with no contributions (1 rep) would certainly help increase the usefulness of your query. As far as I know, Jon Skeet's rep is accurate, but he would have a lot more if it wasn't for the daily rep limit. Response about results: To the results, and to respond to the post by @Adam893; high rep users have high ...


You can go to your profile under votes > closure and look through. If you only want a list of questions where you think you did an error, I wrote a CasperJS script to scrape those votes. In the end two csv files and a json file is written to the same directory. I would classify erroneous votes as !closed && !deleted && successful where ...


The data exporer doesn't include deleted questions, so while you could do it, the data is going to be extremely skewed, likely beyond usability. The questions that you voted to close that actually got closed are far more likely to have been deleted than questions that you voted to close that didn't end up being closed.

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