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Close votes moved out of the Votes table and into the PendingFlags table around the time you mentioned, and are now SELECT * FROM PendingFlags WHERE FlagTypeId = 14 I believe that successful close votes are also still removed from that data, so the above query returns only non-expired close votes from non-deleted questions.


As @Cupcake mentioned, there's the Data Explorer. Although judging from your profile, you already know enough SQL to do it on your own, I went ahead and made the query myself since I was curious. Link to query here Code: SELECT TOP 100 p.Id as [Post Link], p.CreationDate as [Create Date], p.ClosedDate as [Close Date] from Posts p where ...


Completely misunderstood the original post. My apologies. I whipped up a quick (and REALLY crude) data explorer query for you. http://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/187290/get-viewcount-on-posts-user-contributed-to?UserId=2711965. That will give you the view count of each post you contributed to. According to Database schema documentation for ...


I assume you want to know that from SEDE. In that case tags per user would tell you that. -- userid: Your user id "Copy from the url" select distinct t.tagname from tags t inner join posttags pt on pt.tagid = t.id inner join posts q on pt.postid = q.id left outer join posts a on a.parentid = q.id where q.owneruserid = ##userid## or a.owneruserid = ...

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