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I don't know of any way of being notified for those votes, but you can go into the reputation tab in your user profile and you'll see votes there with no reputation change associated with them.


Tag score isn't impacted by reputation limit. While you stop gaining reputation for upvotes past 200, you will still be gaining scores in your given tag.


That upvote is included in the rep cap for that day, because it occurred that day. The unupvote, however, actually retracts the 10 reputation from some other day. If you were rep capped on whatever day that upvote originally occurred, then another vote for that day would be adjusted to compensate for it whenever your reputation recalculated itself next. I ...


You can't earn more than 200 rep with upvotes. Perhaps also a good time to remind you that you cannot vote on your own posts. Fraud like this gets reliably detected by the system and all votes will be undone. Tomorrow you'll be back at ~790. You'll have to bide your time getting to a thousand, it requires votes from other SO users that find your posts ...


You have 6 accepted answers today, making you eligible for 200 + 15 * 6 == 290 reputation points, overall.


You can still see the answers on your reputation page, and you can also see when upvotes occur. You won't get more than 200 rep through upvotes per day, but you can at least see when someone upvoted it. Also, votes that are made on one day don't roll over into the next, even if you've hit the cap.


The cap is 200 points, every day. However, accepts and bounty awards are not subject to the cap. So, up-votes can take you up to 200 points, after which they no longer award reputation points. If you received a down vote that takes you below 200 again, another up-vote after that gets you +2 again as the reputation is capped at 200 once again. But since the ...


Just like accepts, unaccepts do not count towards the cap either. You just lose the 15 points, the cap calculation is unchanged and unaffected. So you got 200 points from upvotes (capped), 15 points from the accept, and -15 points from the unaccept. Your net reputation change is then 200 (200 + 15 - 15). Now, if someone undid a normal upvote vote, you'd ...


There are no points; just read it as loads of upvotes. The badge is awarded when you'd have gotten enough points if there were any points. The same applies to Epic and Legendary.


When an answer is unupvoted it shows up n the reputation tab for today, because that's when you lost the rep, but as far as the rep cap is concerned it isn't happening today at all; it's as if the upvote was never cast in the first place. So if, on the day that the removed upvote was added, you were over the cap by an upvote, you wouldn't have lost rep at ...


how will I know that whether other answers were also helpful or not? Look at the reputation sub-tab of your profile page. will score be added on next day? No.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible