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Voting reversal doesn't add rep equal to the amount lost, per se; rather it recalculates reputation as if the votes had never been cast in the first place, at least for purposes of rep cap calculations. The entries in the reputation log don't appear that way, in that the original vote's rep change is still shown, with a corresponding rep change at a later ...


I don't know of any way of being notified for those votes, but you can go into the reputation tab in your user profile and you'll see votes there with no reputation change associated with them.


There's a reputation cap to prevent certain users from gaining privileges too quickly. Imagine for a moment that there's no cap and a new user posts his first answer on Stack Overflow. It's a very good answer because the person has been a software developer for decades, and he's proud of it, so he posts something about it on various social media channels: ...


The User was removed event is purely informative, the rep change doesn't actually apply to the day it is recorded. Instead, the removed votes affect the days on which they were cast. Those days are recalculated, re-applying the rep cap as needed. In other words, you did not actually lose 20 points today. The votes were removed as if never cast, possibly ...


You hit the reputation cap of 200 reputation points per day.1 See the help center for more information. 1 There are some exceptions to this cap. If you care, read the article linked above.


As I explain in "Revisiting the rep cap (yes, again)", the 200 rep cap is what makes this collection of Q&A site unique: if you are an expert, chances are you will get to 20 votes pretty quickly the only way to get past that is by putting an answer which isn't simply upvoted, but which actually answers the question (Meaning: the original poster decides ...


There are some occurrences that don't count for the rep cap: Accepted answer. The +15 from an accepted answer does not count towards the reputation cap. Bounties. Accepting an answer (the +2). Association bonus. Account merging.


I believe I figured out what has happened here. Without being able to investigate much deeper and just by running a little math: Yesterday: You see +543. We see +201. The only bit we don't see from yesterday is +352/-10. Let's do a little math: 543 - 352 = 191 191 + 10 = 201 The math adds up and makes sense of what we see. Good. Now let's look at today ...


Reputation that goes over the daily rep cap does not carry over to the next day. Once you earn 200 rep for the day, you will stop earning rep from most sources for the rest of the day. The two exceptions to this is reputation that is earned from accepted answers, and reputation that is earned from bounties. So in your example, if you earned 30 upvotes in a ...


The user hit the reputation cap. He was at 195 on upvotes, so the last upvote only netted +5. You can only ever earn +200 from votes in total; this means that any upvote that would put you over that cap is truncated. If the user had been at 198 due to a downvote, then the capped vote would net you +2, etc.


The cap is 200 points, every day. However, accepts and bounty awards are not subject to the cap. So, up-votes can take you up to 200 points, after which they no longer award reputation points. If you received a down vote that takes you below 200 again, another up-vote after that gets you +2 again as the reputation is capped at 200 once again. But since the ...


There are no points; just read it as loads of upvotes. The badge is awarded when you'd have gotten enough points if there were any points. The same applies to Epic and Legendary.


You cannot earn more than 200 points from votes and suggested edits in a day. The user hit the reputation cap several times early on: You can still earn reputation from bonuses, accepts and the association bonus, which is why they gained 315 on the 11th. The reputation cap exists to prevent users from gaining privileges and 'trust' too rapidly from a ...


There was a downvote on this answer that put you at 198 reputation, followed by an upvote that gave you the +2 to bring you back to the daily cap. The downvote was later retracted by the user who cast it. So now if you look at your rep history, you'll see that you just have +260 for that day - the normal 200 + four accepts at +15 each. No bug here, just a ...


Reputation-gaining activities that don't count towards the daily max don't affect your ability to gain reputation from upvotes in any way. The help center article is just awkwardly phrased... I'm open to suggestions for a clearer explanation, since one's not coming to me at the moment. If I started with 0 points and then associate two accounts, for ...


You are mistaken: with every upvote you get 10 reputation points No, you don't. Not if you hit the 200 a day reputation cap, after which you no longer gain reputation from upvotes that day. Reputation is thoroughly documented on How does "Reputation" work?

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