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The question is probably off topic for Stack Overflow, DBA seems to be the perfect place for it. You would be better off promoting the question in other places (G+, other DB forums, etc.) where the appropriate people would see it. You might also want to consider adding a bounty.


Posting the same question on two (or more sites) simultaneously is, while not strictly disallowed, somewhat counter productive. It's a rare question that's on topic on multiple sites. In this case one of the questions should be closed or possibly migrated and merged if it has answers. Where is the question most on-topic? If you can answer that, flag the ...


The short answer is NO, you shouldn't post the same question on multiple SE sites simultaneously. As suggested in the comments though, you can certainly delete your question from one site and repost on another if it's still on topic and there are no upvoted or accepted answers.

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