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Yes, they will be notified. I've always been notified when people comment on my CW posts (such as my faq posts here on Meta) even though other people have edited the posts. (And yes, I was notified even before I became a moderator; that I now carry a diamond was not a factor).


Answers are no longer automatically converted to Community Wiki, however many times you edit them. See Can we disable automatic community wiki conversion for answer edits? Instead, posts that have been edited more than 10 times by their author are automatically flagged for moderator attention. We'll then take a look if the edits were material, or were ...


Thanks for the heads-up, we have dealt with the user; they appeared to be trying to game the editing badges. In future, feel free to flag such a post for moderator attention and explain that a user appears to be making loads of minor edits to CW posts, and we'll take a look if an intervention is needed.

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