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In the olden days a question (and all answers) got converted to CW if the question reached 30 (undeleted) answers. I imagine that's what happened here. All of the answers' edit histories, and that of the question, contain Post Made Community Wiki by neuhaus occurred Jul 29 '13 at 14:07 And that user posted their answer at that time.


Quoting the MSO answer for "What are “Community Wiki” posts?", TL;DR, An answer posted to a community wiki question will also be community wiki. In this case, the question itself if CW, so are the answers.


TL;DR: if you write a good answer, you absolutely deserve the reward, no matter how you found the solution (except copyright violations). If it was an RPG, you would consider it a successfull check of speech skill. Now, serious: you spent the time and effort to find an expert, ask them a good question, understand the answer, write a good post about ...


Having been in this situation a couple of times from the other side, being the person who didn't want to create a Stack Overflow account, I can say you wouldn't be the first person to do this or that there's anything wrong with it. As far as attribution goes, since there's no expectation here that the ideas in answers be original, you only need to provide ...


Posting the answer in the first place Since they gave you permission, I'd say you're fine on this front. Strictly speaking, however, there are some things to consider: Does he own this content to begin with? Perhaps he recited it almost word-for-word from some resource which can't be shared on Stack Overflow without the author's explicit permission. ...


IANAL As per my view, as long as you're not stealing credit from another user here, I think you can post in directly from your account. No need for a community wiki there. Attribution, on the other hand is always welcome. Just for clarification, I don't attribute each and every answer to the author of a book from which I might have read and gained the ...

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