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The biggest factor was that his question went to Community Wiki very quickly after it was posted. This is the only window of time he would have had to gain any rep from that question: Since Community Wiki content does not impact reputation, he wouldn't have gained any more reputation after the system automatically converted it.


A list of links to videos? Ugh. Why do we even need this? In general I'm not opposed to this idea. I've told many people to learn some debugging before coming back to the site with yet another question to be closed. Having somewhere I can bring them to that explains what that "debugging" thing is would be nice. I don't like this incarnation of it, though. ...


Following @Alexis King's suggestion, I did write a Canonical Question - How do I use a debugger to fix my C++ code?. It can be used to mark other questions as duplicates to it, or simply written as a comment in case marking such questions as duplicates is not good for the site for SEO reasons. Some commenters said that closed questions eventually get ...


Canonical questions are encouraged on the Stack Exchange network, especially so on Stack Overflow in which so many duplicate questions are frequently asked. To quote Benjamin Gruenbaum: Just do it. The difficulty here is not getting the approval that this is a good idea—it almost indisputably is a great idea—the trick is actually writing such a good, ...

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