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Fixed as of build 3740 for MSE/MSO, and build 2863 on other sites. Thanks again to Ilmari Karonen for getting to the heart of the issue. The fix I implemented doesn't use the comment event; having direct access to the code that triggers that event, there was an easier way to just make that dismiss the message box rather than having to add an event handler. ...


To look at this more globally, consider the frequency distribution of all comment scores in the history of the site (SEDE query). In the plot below, comment scores are represented by points, proportion of comments with that score is on the y-axis, and the rank of that score's frequency is on the x-axis (score 0 is rank 1, score 1 is rank 2, and so on). Note ...


I can't repro this exactly (in the sandbox): foo bar <http://example.com>. Was displayed as: foo bar <example.com>;. This is different from what you report as your output. foo bar <h̲t̲t̲p̲:̲/̲/̲e̲x̲a̲m̲p̲l̲e̲.̲c̲o̲m̲>̲;. Note Markdown help says: Bare URLs We have modified our Markdown parser to support "naked" URLs (in ...


The limitation has now been lifted, see Can we get x comment votes per y minutes, rather than one vote per 5 seconds?, where Jarrod responded with: Yeah, this throttle doesn't make much sense any longer, so it will be removed in the next build. You still have a combined 30 upvotes and deletes per day, though.


Yes, moderators can edit comments. However, we don't usually do so because it leaves no audit trail and in some eyes smacks of putting words into people's mouths. In this case, however, I would assume that the moderator saw the missing http:// and was happy to add it. However, it's almost always easier for you to just delete the original and repost the ...


Yes, moderators are able to edit comments at will. These 'special' edits are present in the moderator's history for audit purposes (other moderators can also see the audit logs).


The comment reputation limit is not there for any rational reason and all it does is to flood the SO site with crap, that would otherwise possibly have been fine comments. Almost every new user who is smart enough to realize that what they wish to communicate is not a valid answer, but a comment, find themselves blocked out. New users, smart or dumb, will ...


Such comments are noise. Flag them as "not constructive" and we'll clean them up.


A mod recently purged all comments on that question, so if you were seeing any comments at all you were seeing a cached page. The ajax request was requesting actual data, which didn't contain any comments at all. Conclusion: http://shouldiblamecaching.com/


Well, Neil, seeing as how this is like the third or fourth account you've created since your last was suspended for rudeness, I'd think you would have gotten the message by now. Stop being rude and abusive to people in your comments. This isn't the only comment of yours we've had to delete in recent weeks. For the sake of discussion, this was the comment ...


I put together a quick and dirty query that may get you what you're after for the time being: Questions with no answers and no comments select TOP 30 p.Id as [Post Link] FROM Posts p WHERE p.PostTypeId = 1 AND p.score >= 0 AND p.closeddate is null AND ISNULL(p.AnswerCount,0) = 0 AND ISNULL(p.CommentCount,0) = 0 order by p.score desc ...


A close enough alternative is to look at questions with the Tumbleweed badge. If a post receives no comments or answers for a week, it's likely to stay that way for some time.


The comment was deleted by a moderator, over a year ago; the deletion timestamp is 2014-07-28 21:03:43Z. It was deleted as too chatty, and that was the 6th flag already on the comment. And indeed, the comment does not meet our comment guidelines: When should I comment? You should submit a comment if you want to: Request clarification from ...


I would say this is not really what Stack Overflow is about and comments asking for such information should be flagged (as "not constructive" probably). If you want people to contact you, you're free to say this in your profile and provide appropriate contact details (and probably also say what type of contact you want, e.g. social or work-related) (keep in ...


That is completely your decision What you want to disclose is completely up to you. Some people are more than happy to offer that information for a multitude of reasons. off-topic support Internet pen pals ... I would say that if you are comfortable offering your personal contacts do so in your profile and point users to there in the comments. If ...


It was flagged as linking to a potential malware site so I deleted it. Comments are ephemeral so if it's not malware then repost the comment. However, it's likely to get flagged again, especially as the question is off topic for Stack Overflow.

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